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Naical Introduces Dolphin Touch Fully Submersible MP3 Player

Summer is getting closer and closer and, with it, the proposals of the different technology companies of accessories and waterproof devices and other elements. In this case it is Naical the one that, a few days ago, presented the Dolphin Touch 4 GB MP3 player fully submersible.

Naical Introduces Dolphin Touch Fully Submersible MP3 Player

The Dolphin Touch is the first MP3 aquatic with technology “Curved Touch Pads”, It incorporates a curved touch screen without the traditional buttons that allows the operation of the device even under water. The pack also includes fully submersible headphones (like the player) so you can also dive while listening to your MP3 music, or FM radio thanks to the tuner that it incorporates.

It has 4 GB flash memory that allows you to store up to 1,200 songs, in formats MP3 and MWA, and with USB 2.0 connectivity. It is an ideal player for sports terrain for sports such as swimming, diving, snowboarding, surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, snorkeling, mountain climbing, fishing, jogging, clicking, etc.

The complete pack includes the Dolphin Touch MP3 player, the game of submersible headphones, USB cable, headphone cable retaining clips, goggles or swimsuit straps, neoprene arm strap, stereo headset for use in a dry environment, cleaning cloth and a disc with the user manual.

The pack MP3 Dolphin Touch is now available in Spain through the website of Naical and its price is 102,54 EUR.