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Mobile Tutorials What happens if I charge the cell phone with another charger of a different phone, brand or amperage? Have you ever wondered what happens if you charge the cell phone with another…

Have you ever wondered what happens if you charge the cell phone with another charger from a different brand? It has happened to me, and surely to most of those who read this article as well, and it is that beyond that probably our smartphone comes with an original charger when we purchase it, then we find that unfortunately we can lose it and so on.

The truth is that in those cases, normally what we do is ask someone else for a charger, and unless you have exactly the same model as us, we will be charged with a non-original charger for our terminal.

What happens is that a huge number of users who read us, have been asking us recently about what are the consequences that we can face for charging a smartphone with a charger other than the one that originally came from the factory with the device.

It is true that there are many questions that surround why a battery can be damaged. Even a very common question is that if it is bad to leave the mobile connected all night. In this particular case, another unknown takes over users on the issue of the battery. Basically most of those who read us have been asking us if it is really bad to charge the cell phone with another charger, so we will try in this case to offer some answers.

Is the Cell phone damaged when using another charger of a different brand?

What happens if you charge the cell phone with another charger

The first thing you should consider in this regard, is the almost universal idea that exists in this regard, which indicates that generally, chargers mobiles and devices have a certain voltage for each battery that incorporate these teams, so exchanging them is not always the same idea, or is the best.

This is precisely the reason why He recommends us to use the original charger on the cell phone and not use a different one, but also, we know that sometimes avoiding that is simply impossible, and we run the risk.

What happens if you don’t follow these tips and charge your cell phone with a different charger than the original one? As we all know, lThe battery of a mobile is essential for its operation and it is key to their autonomy. If we do not take care of it, certain problems begin to appear to the point of having to keep mobile connected so you can use it.

What are the damages when using a charger other than the original factory one?

smartphone charging and showing battery level

Well, what we have to say then as a general statement in this type of case, is that one of the main damages that the use an alternative or different charger to the original, you have to see that the battery may swell, producing all kinds of damage to our phone.

It is possible that we will not see these consequences immediately, but after a while. We will begin to see that the battery performs differently or the mobile gets too hot when charging, here is the explanation.

Another problem that is added, is that charging your mobile battery is uphill, that is, do not load despite being connected to the current. Although in this issue other factors come into play, such as damage to the charging pin, or that the USB cable is broken inside.

In many cases, especially when we charge a smartphone that we could consider high-end with a charger for a low-end device, we will find at the same time that the battery discharges much faster, which also produces that in the long run the terminal has a lower autonomy. Precisely for these reasons that we point out right now, is that we we recommend using the original mobile charger, or, failing that, look for a terminal of a category higher than ours.

Loss of fast charge, is one of the most common problems that usually happen. First, because believe it or not, Smartphones are designed to detect when a charger is not the original from the factory. And second, because each brand such as Huawei o OnePlus, develops its own fast charging technology that are not compatible with other devices.