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Mobile Tutorials How to Recover Photos from a Phone with a Broken Screen? Your mobile has fallen or hit and the screen has …

Has your mobile been dropped or hit and the screen has been completely destroyed, to the point that it is difficult for you to press on its icons or move between its menus? Well then, it may be time to make a backup.

We say this because at any moment the terminal could stop working completely, and that would put us at risk of losing absolutely all photos, messages, and other stored content.

If you are in a similar situation and you pretend recover photos from a cell phone with a broken screen, you just have to keep reading about it.

Take photos from a cell phone with a broken screen

We say this and we place special emphasis on photographs since for many users it is undoubtedly one of the most precious content they have, even above messages and others.

That is why you should worry about recovering them before any other content. Especially If the screen is broken but the cell phone turns on, it’s time to do it, because one more slight hit could render it completely useless.

You should also keep in mind that we can recover them in a very simple way, almost without inconvenience.

Of course, you have to be aware that we are going to have to meet some minimum prerequisites, such as connect the smartphone to a computer via a USB type cable. Without that, recovering the photos is impossible.

You can’t see my cell phone screen and I want to take photos

Then, you must follow a series of steps that we are going to detail below:

  • When the computer has detected the mobile through the USB cable, access the multimedia files
  • Find the Camera folder
  • Create a new folder or select one already created on your computer
  • Select the photos you want to transfer
  • Press on Copy or Cut according to whether you want to keep them on the mobile and hit Paste already within the destination folder
  • The process will then take a few minutes, bearing in mind that you have to analyze the RAM capacity of your PC, the weight of the images, etc.

As you can see, this procedure is really simple, and You will no longer have to worry that your mobile with the completely destroyed screen will finish breaking, leaving you without your precious photographs.

Have you been able to recover the images of your smartphone with the broken screen with this trick?