persona eliminando datos de un telefono

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Do you have a smartphone with Android operating system and do you plan to sell it soon? So one piece of advice that we can’t stop giving you has to do directly with delete all the information you have stored on the device.

This has to do directly with the fact that when someone else uses the cell phone, if we have not deleted our personal data, we run the risk of someone accessing the information and misuse them, something that nobody really wants to happen to you.

For example, if you have your Twitter account session open, you must close it so that the person who will now own the phone does not have any access to it. It would happen with the rest of the digital platforms that you use, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.

For this reason we have decided to teach you below, how to delete all data from your Android so that they become inaccessible and avoid future inconvenience.

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Clean personal data from a cell phone

The first thing you should know for this type of case, is that if the mobile you use has a microSD card, start by deleting the information Of the same. That is our main recommendation, and you can do it by downloading it to your computer or any type of external disk, that is, making sure that it is empty. This, unless of course, that you intend to keep the SD card to use it in your next smartphone, something that will depend solely on you.

It is also important that you delete your browsing history from Chrome, since there you can see all the pages that you have entered for days, months and even years if you never cleaned it.

In the second instance you have to take a little time to remove or close your app accounts that are installed in the terminal, taking into account that although many may be important, you should pay special attention to Google’s as well as financial services or those that contain sensitive data.

Remember that these are data that are usually used on many occasions, and that they are also extremely personal, so you must give it the utmost importance. Always check as many times as necessary to be sure that the passwords are not being remembered, and also delete the browser data on the mobile device.

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Reset the mobile to leave it as factory

Once you have carried out the steps explained in the previous section, another of the many tips that we can give you is that take a little time to do a factory reset. Consider that by doing this you will achieve that in many ways the device is exactly the same as the day you bought it.

The process of resetting a phone is irreversible, so if you plan to do this, the first thing is that you are completely sure that it is you want. It is also important always that before agreeing, you return to verify that you actually transferred all your files to another storage, because you will not be able to recover them later.

Factory resetting a cell phone is actually quite simple, since all you have to do once you have saved your data through a backup copy to store it in your Google account and recover it on the new phone, is to enter the configuration, then go to Settings, General and then Restore factory settings.

According to the Android in question, you may find variations When looking for that option, but don’t worry because everyone brings it, so at some point in your search you will find it.