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IPhone devices have a great variety of options Regarding notifications, the tones are essential so that we know exactly when some type of message arrives.

In this article we will teach you how to change the tone of a message on iPhone phones in a very fast and simple way, either with the ones that the phone brings, or if you prefer you can download third-party sounds. This tutorial is very simple, so anyone can do everything that we are going to mention below without any kind of problem.

Surely on many occasions it happened to you that you were waiting for an important message But your phone wouldn’t stop ringing You noticed and it turns out that all of them were cascades of notices from the social networks or application that you had installed.

For that reason there is nothing better than having a personalized ringtone for messages and callsIn this way we save ourselves from having to check the device every time it rings, hoping that this is the message we are waiting for.

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How to change message tone on iPhone

  • The first thing you have to do is go to the configuration section of your iPhone phone.
  • After this you will have to echoose between all the options that says “Sounds”.
  • Now you have to click on the option that says “New text message.”
  • Here you will have a wide number of options to choose from. You can go listening to all the sounds to see which of these is the one you like the most. To know if you actually chose the one you want, you simply have to make sure it appears as marked, and that’s it.

As you can see, it is not complicated at all and that is the only thing you have to do. You know how put a text tone on iPhone and in a matter of seconds you will have a personalized tone for the messages. This way you will not be confused when you receive a notification of something else and you can prioritize the messages.

Something important that you should know is that you can do a very similar procedure to change the tone of the alama for the music you want. In this way, if the phone came with the same tones for everything, you can solve it too.

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How to change ringtone on iPhone

Now if what you want is change the ringtone of calls on iPhoneIt is important that you know that there are several options to do it.

  • To change the tone that will be heard for all your contacts you must go to settings and then to sound and vibrations. In the option “sounds and vibration sequences” you will select the sound you want, press the tone to listen to it and finally set it as a new sound.
  • If what you want is esets the sound for a particular contact, what you should do is go to contacts and select the name of the person. In the upper right corner you are going to click on edit, then select “ringtone” and change it to the one of your choice.
  • The following way is buying ringtones from iTunes Stores, in this case you have to open the app and select in more (where three ellipsis points appear). Press on tones, find the one of your preference and press the option to automatically configure the ringtone.
  • And the last option is through custom tones. Used when you have created a ringtone in an app like GarageBand, and you can perfectly synchronize it with your iPhone, iPad, etc. You just have to connect the device to the computer, open the iTunes for Windows or Finder on Mac and finally drag and drop the ringtone on your phone.

Remember that in the blog we have many other tutorials on iPhone and different devices on the market. You can find one great variety of these explained in detail.

If you still have any kind of doubt, you can leave us a comment a little further down in the comment box. But as you will see, it is not difficult to learn at all how to set a text ringtone on iPhone.