Mobile Cases How Can I Make Mobile Cases With a Balloon? No, you did not read wrong.  We are going to show you how you can ...

Mobile Cases How Can I Make Mobile Cases With a Balloon? No, you did not read wrong. We are going to show you how you can …

No, you did not read wrong. We will teach you how you can make a case for your mobile using only a balloon, the same ones we use for birthday parties. Keep in mind that the covers are important, not only because we give a completely personalized touch to our mobile, but in this case as the surface of the balloon does not allow it to slip, it will help us to be able to hold our mobile much more firmly avoiding possible falls, although clearly, if it falls it will not protect the device since after all, it’s a balloon.

Therefore, we could say that in a certain way it is aesthetic and in another, it helps us not to slip from our hand so easily.

Homemade covers

The covers are essential for when we want not only to protect our mobile device but also to give it a bit of that unique touch that differentiates our mobile device from the rest. They are not too expensive in reality, you can get, depending on the mobile, many varieties with motifs, characters, etc.

But there is a way to realize a cover in a fairly cheap way simply with a balloon, at first it sounds like a joke, it does not seem real but the truth is that it is actually quite simple to make this kind of covers and the best of all is that it serves so that the mobile does not slip and on top we give it a touch of personalization quite a bit interesting.

Making a mobile phone case with a balloon

We know quite well what it sounds like when we read it just like that and it is that we would never have crossed our minds precisely to make a case for a mobile using something so, in all, common that we get in any store for very little money. The best of all is that in addition to the above you will be able to keep your mobile clean and avoid scratches on the back, especially when we leave them on the surfaces that sometimes we are not careful and we throw them slightly, that’s how they start to scratch and stuff.

Step by Step

  1. The first thing we are going to do is clean the mobile with a little paper or cotton and slightly a little alcohol, don’t go overboard either.
  2. We are going to Inflate the balloon in question little by little and then finish by putting the Smartphone on top of it.
  3. Once it is on top while we hold the balloon, what we are going to do is let the air escape from it while we hold the balloon. Smartphone firm so that it is inside him.
  4. In this way the mobile is wrapped inside the balloon and then all we have to do is accommodate everything so that the balloon fits perfectly

It is more than clear that reading may seem somewhat confusing, but we leave you a video where a young man makes a excellent case for your mobile using only a balloon, leaving it simply flawless. As you will see in the end, the case looks very good aesthetically and gives a very personal touch to the device that others may not have.