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Microsoft Cortana will compete with Siri

Microsoft will update its operating system for smartphones with the arrival of Windows Phone 8.1. Among the novelties we will have the incorporation of a voice assistant similar to Siri, with which Microsoft aims to match the functionality of your devices Windows Phone to Apple iPhone. In recent days we have seen how interoperability between mobile devices and cars will be something that will emerge in the coming months and Microsoft It seems clear that you need a voice assistant that allows drivers to interact with their mobile and listen to the route to their destination from the new voice assistant.

Although it is something that has not yet confirmed Microsoft, some media like “The Verge” affirm that sources close to Microsoft They have revealed plans to integrate Cortana into the operating system Windows Phone 8.1. It seems that a key part of Cortana will be its ability to store information and data on a laptop. In this way, Cortana can access information such as location data, behaviors, personal data, reminders, and contact information. Cortana will be able to track events, remembering certain appointments to the user, and ultimately, generating notifications similar to how it does Google Now on Android devices.