MásMóvil rates: The best fiber and mobile offers (November 2019)

MásMóvil rates: The best fiber and mobile offers (November 2019)


MásMóvil is a telecommunications company with more than 10 years in the Spanish market. Belongs to MoreMobile Group, a commercial giant with several commercial brands in the field, among which Yoigo and Pepephone stand out. MoreMobile is the fourth preferred operator in Spain and among its rates you will find both plans for mobile as combinations of fiber + mobile or fiber + fixed that are valid in November 2019 and that we review below.

In addition, it must be clarified that these are not closed or definitive offers, that is, you can combine, for example, the number of minutes that you want to have available monthly with the amount of data that you will need during the same period. With this in mind, here we will make an exhaustive compilation with the best rates MoreMobile to their clients, so that you have all the necessary information when choosing your teleoperator.

Better rates for MásMóvil

The strong competition between operators has forced them to be very creative to capture the attention of users

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The most favored with the fierce competition between the operators are the users

If we talk about MoreMobile We must talk about the rates it offers to its mobile and fiber subscribers, which you can contract separately (either mobile only or fiber only) or jointly. As might be expected, when contracting both services together, the final prices are usually more attractive for the user, since all mobile and fixed rates can be combined to suit the client. These are the rates offered MoreMobile to your clients, updated to November 2019:

Rates MoreMobile fiber and fixed + mobile (VAT included)

  • 100Mb symmetric fiber or ADSL = € 10 / month + € 19.99 / month line fee = € 29.99 / month
  • 600Mb symmetric fiber € 25 / month + € 19.99 / month line fee = € 44.89 / month (at the price of 100Mb for the first 3 months).
  1. Rate PLUS 3GB = € 19.90
  2. Rate PLUS 10GB = € 23.90 (at the price of 3GB the first 3 months)
  3. Rate PLUS 20GB = € 29.90 (at the price of 10GB the first 3 months)
  • Symmetric fiber 100Mb + 3GB = € 39.89
  • Symmetric fiber 100Mb + 10GB = € 39.89 (€ 43.89 from the fourth month)
  • Symmetric fiber 100Mb + 20GB = € 43.89 (€ 49.89 from the fourth month)
  • Symmetric fiber 600Mb + 3GB = € 39.89 (€ 49.89 from the fourth month)
  • Symmetric fiber 600Mb + 10GB = € 39.89 (€ 53.89 from the fourth month)
  • Symmetric fiber 600Mb + 20GB = € 43.89 (€ 59.89 from the fourth month)

Include: Data to navigate to 4G; national calls from mobile to landlines and unlimited mobiles; unlimited calls from landline to landline and 60 minutes from landline to mobile (after 24.20 cents / min + 20 cents of call establishment); line fee included and installation and free wifi router. Up to 2 additional 500MB mobile lines can be added at no additional cost.

In addition to the MÁS rates, you can choose others that best suit your logistical and economic requirements: with the HABLA CIEN rates, you can customize your consumption of megabytes and minutes as you need it from only € 4.90 / month. And if what you want is to talk, you have the Unlimited Voice rate available, without data but with all the minutes in the world.

MásMóvil and its prepaid rates

It is quite obvious, but it still needs to be clarified: MoreMobile It also offers prepaid options for those who wish to consume data and minutes more adjusted to the savings economy.

  • 150 minutes + 8GB = € 19.90
  • 150 minutes + 4GB = € 14.90
  • 150 minutes + 2GB = € 11.90
  • 150 minutes + 600MB = € 7.90
  • 50 minutes + 8GB = € 16.90
  • 50 minutes + 4GB = € 11.90
  • 50 minutes + 2GB = € 8.90
  • 50 minutes + 600MB = € 4.90
  • 0 Cents / Min + 8GB = € 15.00
  • 0 Cents / Min + 4GB = € 10.00
  • 0 Cents / Min + 2GB = € 7.00
  • 0 Cénts / Min + 600MB = € 3.00
  • Unlimited minutes without data = € 9.90

For those who do not leave home much, there is also the option of MORE FIXED, which includes unlimited calls from home to national landlines and mobiles, caller identification service, as well as being compatible with telecare. Including the line fee and taxes, this plan has a monthly cost of € 12.90.

Stay in MásMóvil

The permanence commitment is a clause that many companies in the field use to retain their clients and ensure that they maintain the contracted services for a stipulated period. This period varies according to each teleoperator (some, very few, do not have it) and the service contracted by the subscriber. In the case of MoreMobile, the teleoperator does make an effort to apply this commitment in several of its rates, so if you abandon the contract early, MoreMobile will ensure to exercise a strict financial penalty. Therefore, it is always prudent to check the terms and conditions of the plan you wish to contract on the company’s website beforehand.

MásMóvil customer service

In addition to its competitive rates MoreMobile offers its customers a very satisfactory customer service, made up of specialized mobile phone and Internet operators, dedicated to answering questions and solving problems. In addition, they provide information about products and services offered MoreMobile.

Its customer service hours are from Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 to 00:00. If you communicate from Spain:

  • If you are already clients, you can enter the personal area and automatically carry out all the procedures you need, (check data consumption and calls, access your invoices whenever you want, check your contracts and more) from the website of MoreMobile or by downloading its app for Android and iOS.
  • Call me for free (Click to Call service). On the website of MoreMobile enter your contact number, the time you wish to be reached and voila: sit down and wait. The team call MoreMobile will arrive which agreed.
  • 2373, if you call from your number MoreMobile (free call) or 911 333 333, if you call from other operators.
  • You can also contact the mail [email protected]
  • If you are not yet clients, call from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. at 900696000 or 900697244, (free call, from any operator
  • If you call from another country (roaming): Call +34 693 772 373.

Also, if you are regulars on social networks, MoreMobile offers quick and concrete answers to any problem or doubt raised in this way. You can not ask for more.