MacBook Air: Features and Price

MacBook Air: Features and Price


During the Keynote held in New York, Apple presented the MacBook Air features, the new version of this laptop from the firm that plans to become one of the main strengths in the income segment for Cupertino, in addition to its iPhoneIn fact, it appears with some surprises, such as Apple’s ultralight now includes a retina display.

Others have been changes in MacBook Air featuresFor example, the laptop now includes a renewed design with 100 percent recycled aluminum, a new security chip and Touch ID, even Siri will always listen to you from the computer.

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MacBook Air Features

MacBook Air is official MacBook Air is official, with Retina display and smaller.

We started reviewing the MacBook Air features with its screen, which this time is a 13.3-inch IPS Retina panel in which colors have been improved and will also now have 4 million pixels of resolution, which means that this screen has the ability to reproduce 48 percent wider color space than previous versions.

Another of the MacBook Air features What stands out is the availability of colors, in principle it can be achieved in silver and gold, it is said that even black. Another aspect that stands out in the design is that its volume has been reduced by 17 percent compared to its predecessor.

Likewise, among the MacBook Air features It should be noted that it includes FaceTime Camera HD, TouchID and a new T2 chip, which is responsible for making Siri listen to you and present you permanently while you use the laptop.

In terms of performance, MacBook Air features they are advanced. The company has decided to incorporate an eighth-generation Intel processor i5, with 16GB of RAM, 1.5TB storage and a 12-hour navigation battery since, as always, they did not reveal their capacity.

MacBook Air price

The MacBook Air price starts at $ 1199 And from now on it can be booked on the Apple website, although store availability will be from the second week of November.