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Mac OS X Lion Golden Master hits the Apple Store

imminent launch mac os x lion along with macbook air

MacRumors recently announced that Manzana “have begun to receive final copies” of Lion. And although the new OS will only be available for purchase in the Mac App Store, copies of it have been sent to retail stores on hard drives for use in in-store demonstrations after the final launch.

Manzana has recently made the version available to developers Golden Master from Mac OS X Lion (last July 1), and it is expected that this week (last of the month) its final launch will be confirmed, which will probably coincide with that of the new generation of MacBook Air.

Manzana has been preparing the launch of Mac OS X Lion since the beginning of July and it is speculated that some last minute problems have delayed the launch of the new OS until this week, which has also delayed the launch of the company’s new generation of equipment, which will have it integrated.

The first team that will integrate Lion your system will most likely be the new Macbook Air, which will feature the new generation of Sandy Bridge processors, a minimum of 4GB of RAM and 128GB of faster NAND flash memory than the current one.