Mac OS X and iOS will overtake Windows and Windows Phone in 2015

Mac OS X and iOS will overtake Windows and Windows Phone in 2015

Last year, supplying products that run with Windows surpassed those based on Mac OS and iOS, for 347 million compared to 213 million, a difference that will be only 23 million in 2014. In 2015, the situation will change, since the operating systems of Manzana will surpass those of Windows. However, Windows will continue to have a relevant presence in the market thanks to professional and business users. The consulting firm even foresees that Microsoft have some progress in the tablet market with the arrival of Windows 8.1.

However, if the forecasts made by Gartner are met, the leadership change in operating systems could occur 13 years after Steve Jobs reinvented Apple with the launch of the iPod, which led the company to embark on a new path towards definition and conquering new markets starting with music players and continuing with mobiles and tablets.

Beyond the change in leadership in the operating systems market, this same year there will be an equally remarkable brand, since the sales of devices based on Android they will outperform Windows and Apple products together. If 500 million devices were sold in 2012 Android, compared to 559 million for Apple and Microsoft, in 2013 those figures will be 867 compared to 636 respectively. In 2014 the number of devices Android sold will exceed 1,000 million.

Gartner expects the supply of tablets to rise from 120 million units in 2012 to 202 million in 2013 and 276 in 2014. In the same period, the supply of smartphones will increase from 1.7 to 1.9 billion.

Meanwhile, PC sales will continue to decline in the next two years as tablets and new ultra-mobile hybrid computers take over. Specifically, Gartner forecasts that sales of fixed and portable PCs will fall by almost 11% this year and 5% in 2014. Overall, the device market will go from 2.2 billion units in 2012 to 2.3 billion this year and 2.500 in 2014.