MAC How to write the letter Ñ on an English keyboard on Mac As we well know, Apple devices are known worldwide for their ...

MAC How to write the letter Ñ on an English keyboard on Mac As we well know, Apple devices are known worldwide for their …

As we well know, the devices Manzana They are known worldwide for their innovative designs and high quality. But if you bought a Macintosh and you don’t know how to write the letter Ñ, keep reading. In this post we bring you a simple and quick guide, so pay attention and learn to put the Ñ on Mac.

It is common for many users to have many spelling errors when writing in Spanish. This is because some of the keyboards do not come with keys to enter signs of question marks, accents and much less the letter Ñ, it is special those that are in English. Despite this, in general, English keyboards are the best sellers worldwide, more than those in Spanish, since English is the universal language.

This can be a headache for Spanish speakers when typing on an iMac in their native language. Remember that nobody likes to read texts with spelling errors or anything like that. But don’t worry, there is always a way to place all the punctuation marks, so be it from an English keyboard. Later in the post we will explain how to do it in great detail.

Origins of the Letter Ñ

Its origin dates back to the Middle Ages, at this time the different Latin languages ​​began to emerge. But since the letter did not exist in the Latin language, each language looked for a way to represent the sound of the Ñ in its own way.

For example, the letter Ñ could be represented in three different ways: “Nn”, “gn” and “ni”. Later it was also represented as an “n” with a virgin or prime above.

But then, King Alfonso X decided to establish the definitive form of the “Ñ” in the Spanish language, to avoid confusion when writing. Then, from the 14th century on, its use became quite popular, and in 1942 it was officially included in the Spanish grammar. By 1803 the letter Ñ was included in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Steps to Put the Ñ on the English Keyboard of a Mac

If you bought an Apple device, be it a Macbook or an iMac from the United Kingdom, Canada or the United States, you have reached the right post. In this section we will show you how type the letter Ñ on the keyboard of an iMac. We will simply teach you a little trick that is very easy to learn.

To be able to type the letter Ñ from an English keyboard, you just have to follow these steps that we will show you below. It is a very simple process that does not require much time. In such a case, you only need a little practice to be able to master it perfectly. The steps to follow are those:

  • The first thing you must do to type the letter Ñ on the keyboard of a Macintosh computer is press the “Option” or “Alt” key.
  • Now while you keep pressing the “Alt” key, you must press letter N on the alphanumeric keyboard.
  • Then you will see that the desired letter Ñ appears on the Mac screen and Ready, we have already met our goal!

Once you have completed the steps correctly, you can write words that include the letter Ñ (although they are few). This process only works with an Anglo-Saxon keyboard that comes in Apple devices that are purchased in the United States or the United Kingdom.

In the event that you are typing from a keyboard in Spanish and perform these steps, an empty character will appear on the screen. Since those keyboards do have the letter Ñ incorporated by default, and they do not require any trick to be able to write that letter.