Cómo Instalar Windows 7 y 10 en Mac con BootCamp

MAC How to Install Windows 7 and 10 on MAC with BootCamp? Mac is one of the safest and most stable operating systems in …

Mac is one of the safest and most stable operating systems in the world of computers, however, realizing that their customers sometimes need to use the Windows operating system, they have created a very simple and fast way to install Windows on your Mac.

There are many emulators and virtualization programs that allow you to install Windows on your Mac, but when installing it from native mode, it will allow you to have access to your team’s resources and use it at high speed; Here we’ll explain to you how to do it.

What things you must do to install native Windows on your Mac, see here everything you need to do, it is very easy and fast.

How to Install Windows on MAC

The first step you must do is enter your Mac applications, select the Utilities option. Being inside you will see the BootCamp assistant, this is the app that Apple included in its computers to make the installation of Windows on Mac easily.

Make a Backup of Your Mac Drivers

Once you have entered the utility, the system will automatically ask that you burn your Mac drivers to a CD; having that backup will allow you to use your computer to work without any problem when install Windows on your Mac, that way you can listen to your music, watch your videos, use the trackpad, etc., without problems.

Create a Disk Partition

The installation wizard will indicate the next steps to take. Will ask you to believe a hard drive partition with it but you must configure it with the ideal format to support the Windows operating system. Something interesting is that you can decide how much it is the portion of hard disk in which you will use your Windows system, ensuring a minimum necessary to run the system.

Install your Windows 7 or 10 with BOOTCAMP

The next step is to install your Windows, you will install it in the same way as you would on a computer other than Mac. To achieve it you must choose the partition that is included in BOOTCAMP, that is the only one supported by the Windows operating system on your Mac.

Recover your Drivers

Once you do the installation of the Windows operating system, you must re-enter the drivers that we had backed up in the first step.

Toggle your OS from Boot Disk.

If you are on Mac and want to switch to Windows, you must enter system preferences and then enter “Boot disk”, where we will press the Microsoft operating system.

Open your Windows in other ways

Another way that you can use to access your Windows from Mac, you can apply it when you turn on your computer. When starting it you must press the Alt key for the duration of the boot process. A genius of Bootcamp is that it is configured so that when you select the Alt key, it starts by default on Mac.

Another way is that while in Windows, if you want to return to Mac, you will see in the bottom bar of Windows the Bootcamp symbol, this will also allow you to switch to your Mac system directly.