Lenovo PHAB2 Pro, Project Tango's first commercial mobile already ...

Lenovo PHAB2 Pro, Project Tango’s first commercial mobile already …

After two years of work and several advances, finally the mobile of Project Tango by Google came and did it with Lenovo, it’s about the mobile Lenovo PHAB2 Pro, a large device whose objective is to start the mobile manufacturing line on the Tango platform.

The first aspect to point out in the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro is the body designed entirely in aluminum and without covers, which makes it a resistant and solid mobile, however it is not the thinnest since it is slightly more than a centimeter thick, but the curvature on the back provides the necessary ergonomics.

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor and 4GB of RAM memory, which at times becomes insufficient with the enormous amount of resources consumed by each application developed for this platform, which amounts to around 25 so far, but which can degenerate into a mobile with performance problems if you have multiple processes open.

There are still some of these applications that are in beta according to Lenovo, something that can be seen in some poor performance in certain applications.

The secret of this platform is found in the cameras used by the mobile, achieving that these sensors have the ability to capture places in real time so that applications can show their potential in terms of augmented reality, in total there are three posterior sensors that Work together.

This mobile has Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, it also has a Dolby Atmos sound system for recording, thanks to the three integrated microphones that achieve 5.1 channel audio.

The price for now is 499 euros, which warns of a move by Lenovo and Google to offer the mobile Lenovo PHAB2 Pro at a competitive price that allows for the acceptance of an audience that still does not understand very well what the Project Tango platform is about.