Keys to avoid mobile addiction

Keys to avoid mobile addiction


The matter of the mobile addiction It is increasingly serious in today’s society, in fact a study carried out by Rastreator determined that at least 7.6 million Spaniards consider themselves addicted to their smartphone.

This study on mobile addiction carried out by Rastreator yielded other indicators, such as that at least 3.7 million Spaniards indicate that they are not capable of spending more than an hour without looking at their mobile.

Keys to understanding mobile addiction in Spain

Photo of man with mobile in bathroomMobile addiction in young people is greater

Based on these results, Spaniards spend about 3 hours and 51 minutes using the phone during the day, something that has been increasing over the years and actually increased 14.3 percent over 2017.

Likewise, 51 percent of people acknowledge that they look at their mobile phone before sleeping and when getting up, and in more serious levels of mobile addiction, they even look at it while driving, about 14 percent of people.

When we turn to age groups, the Mobile addiction in young people between 18 and 24 years old is older, they dedicate at least six hours a day to their devices, that is more than the 63.1 percent of the national average.

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How to avoid mobile addiction

  • It is important to avoid cell phone addiction, especially in young people, that rules of use are created such as schedules, limitations when it comes to eating; even the place to drop him off for bedtime.
  • Identify the triggers of the compulsive action, that is, if it disturbs you to see a notification alert, message sounds, or if there is a more chronic pattern such as nomophobia or phubbing.
  • Carry out activities in which you must necessarily suspend the use of the mobile in order to regain attention span in the world around you.

These are some of the keys to avoid mobile addiction and that you can stop being part of these statistics.