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J33: the code name of the new generation of Apple TV

j33: the code name of the new generation of apple tv

The next generation Apple TV respond to code name J33, like other projects of Manzana before going out officially. The Iphone 4s received the name in code N94 before its official launch, while the original iPad was called K48.

The information has been obtained from code of the new beta of iOS 5.1 made available to developers today. J33 is the second code name of this type (JXX) what Manzana awarded to any of its products prior to launch. The former has been the next model of iPad (Maybe the iPad 3) to which Manzana has baptized with him code name J2.

Manzana you have almost exhausted the possibilities of formatted code names KXX with the christening as K95 of the CDMA version of the device, so changing the nomenclature KXX by JXX it was something relatively expected.

At 9to5mac they believe that new generation Apple TV will have the new A5 processor (integrated in the iPad 2 and, more recently, in the Iphone 4s) and that it will support the display of 1080 line high resolution video.