Is it worth buying a Samsung SUHD TV?

Is it worth buying a Samsung SUHD TV?


Is it worth buying a Samsung SUHD TV? That answer is wanted by the manufacturer himself. Samsung has been announcing its new line of Samsung SUHD 2016 televisions, an innovative audiovisual technology that allows users to enjoy the realism that these televisions provide in terms of image and sound, for this reason the company has listed the most outstanding characteristics of its line most recent of teles.

Samsung has explained to us, in a work on its official page, the 10 keys of what these characteristics are in its Samsung SUHD 2016 televisions:

  1. Color Accuracy: Quantum Dot Display. The advanced Samsung panel, along with Quantum Dot are manufactured without cadmium or polluting heavy metals. The 10 bit, together with the arrangement and protection of the nano particles, achieves that the color volume increases by 30% compared to 2015 models, and also prevents oxidation and deterioration of the color particles. Samsung’s Quantum Dot Display achieves impressive color accuracy, almost identical to how they appear in nature or as the film director intended, regardless of the lighting conditions in the room or the position of the viewer.
  2. Blacker blacks: Moth-Eye panel. This technology present in Samsung SUHD 2016 televisions, based on the moth-eye grid, reduces the incidence of external light on the panel. Thanks to Samsung’s creation of a structure of nanometric cones (approx. 1000 times smaller than other types of similar technologies and much more resistant, the light is absorbed by the panel until its incidence is attenuated by 99.7%. The combination of moth- eye with Quantum Dot makes darker blacks appear.
  3. High detail and color depth: 10 bit panel. Each of the pixels is capable of processing a greater amount of information (30 bits per pixel), and combined with the Quantum Dot panel, it is possible to cover 96% of the DCI-P3 color space that marks the film industry to categorize as Premium UHD, which translates into 64 times more color detail than a conventional 8-bit panel TV.
  4. HDR 1000 (High Dynamic Range). HDR or High Dynamic Range means that the range of grays that go from the blackest to the whitest that a television can reproduce is considerably expanded, making the colors even more similar to what we see in real life. The result is that Samsung’s SUHD televisions achieve higher black levels while achieving luminance greater than 1000 nits. Thanks to HDR, intense black colors are displayed within the same scene at the same time as peak brightness, respecting the maximum level of detail in the images and without increasing energy consumption. This wide dynamic range, combined with Quantum Dot, makes images appear in all their richness of hues, shades and color and with all the detail.
  5. Advanced Peak Illuminator. Manage the brightness of the TV by reusing energy from the darkest parts of the screen. Compared to the 2015 Samsung SUHD range, this technology achieves 15% more brightness than an equivalent TV while reducing its power consumption. The combination of HDR and Peak Illuminator enables the TV to display images in their full level of detail, reducing its power consumption.

  6. SUHD remastering engine. It is responsible for treating the images so that they are displayed in the best possible way, regardless of the source or the quality of origin. The 2016 SUHD TVs have improved their image processing algorithms to achieve several improvements: Image scaling instreamingregardless of bandwidth; and the ability to display high-quality images that are not recorded with HDR support.
  7. New interface to improve the experiencesmart of the users. We have turned the Smart Hub into the only point of access to all content, achieving fast and intuitive navigation. The fully customizable menu is displayed to be able to see the content offered in each of the different applications, sources and selected channels. The user thus enjoys a single access point to all their services in streaming and you can offer all your content from the first screen. Also, you can recall the last thing you were watching when you turn the TV back on, either in streaming or on your favorite television channel.
  8. Device convergence and single command. In just two clicks, the user can extend their experience from mobile to TV and enjoy content thanks to the Smart View application available for iOS and Android. In addition, Samsung has simplified use with a single remote for the TV that has fewer keys and is universal for all connected devices. It also makes it easy to automatically detect all sources (consoles, Blu-ray players, etc.) no matter what port they are installed on.
  9. Better performance. With the Tizen operating system, navigation is easy and simple, in an experience completely optimized for the services and contents of Samsung Smart TVs. The interface offers easy access to channel guide, external sources,streaming, game services and other applications.
  10. Infinity 360º design, spectacular from any angle. One of the things that most impresses at first glance about Samsung SUHD televisions is their designultra slim, sinceThey are designed to be admired from any angle and any position. With a clean rear of connections, the TV becomes a true work of art, which will look just as good hung on a wall as it does separating rooms.

The 2016 line of Samsung SUHD TVs includes 49-, 55-, 65- and 78-inch models. All of them are UHD Premium certified, which guarantees an ultra high definition of 3,840 × 2160, 10 bits, coverage of at least 96% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, HDR support and luminance of 1000 / 0.05 nits.