iPhone How to Speed ​​Up and Optimize an iPhone As soon as we acquire a mobile phone, everything works wonderfully.  Especially if ...

iPhone How to Speed ​​Up and Optimize an iPhone As soon as we acquire a mobile phone, everything works wonderfully. Especially if …

As soon as we acquire a mobile phone, everything works great. Especially if this one is high-end. However, once we use it for a long time the same starts running a little slow.

Little by little is losing that fluidity I had in the beginning and this is normal. Nowadays, mobile devices are like small computers, so if proper maintenance is not carried out and above all we do not use it consciously, we can quickly end up with a phone that loses all its fluidity.

Apple iPhones generally don’t have as many problems in this regard because they are perfectly optimized. But this does not mean that they can never suffer from these kinds of problems.

For this reason, we are going to see how to speed up and optimize my iPhone to the maximum so that in this way you can continue to enjoy your mobile device like the first day.

Tricks to improve the performance of my iPhone

The reasons why your iPhone may malfunction are actually several. The most common is the number of applications you have installed and which ones you have installed. It is clear that most people use the main social networks. Which consume a large amount of resources.

But if we add to this a large number of applications and games that we download over time and on many occasions, we do not even uninstall if we stop using them. So it’s a time bomb.

How to remove animations on iPhone

The animations are very nice, they look quite good, but they consume a lot of resources and also the device’s battery. The problem is that on iPhone it is not as easy to remove them as we would on Android. However, it is possible to do so.

  • The first thing you need to do is activate the “AssistiveTouchThis can be done from the menu.
  • We are going to go to Settings> General> Accessibility> AssistiveTouch. Here you just have to press “Activate”When it is marked in green you will see the virtual button on the screen.
  • Return to the home screen with the button “home”And move the virtual button to one of the lower corners of the screen. To move it, press and hold it and drag.
  • What we are going to do now is put our finger in the middle of the screen and slide down.
  • You should press the screen gently until you see “Spotlight”.
  • The idea is that you can turn Spotlight on and off about twenty timesSometimes it can be more, others less. What we want to do is generate an error on the iPhone (do not be afraid that it is nothing serious).
  • Once you generate said “error” you can open all the applications you want and move through the iPhone and you will see that the animations are no longer.
  • After the animations disappear from your device. If you want to deactivate the AssistiveTouch you can do it without problems.

How to free up space on my iPhone

On any device it is important free up space every so often so that it works properly. The iPhone is not exactly the exception. Especially when you download many applications as they are creating junk files, cache, temporary files, etc.

One of the things you have to do to freeing up space is removing the apps you don’t use. IOS users have a function of the same operating system that is used to remove all applications that are not used. This is achieved by activating this function to do it automatically.

Another thing that is important is to delete all the photos and videos that you do not want to have saved. Something you have to do is deactivate the option to download all these kinds of WhatsApp files, especially if you are part of several groups since you will end up with a large number of files on your device.

How to clear cache and heavy files on iPhone

Following a bit with what we mentioned above, something fundamental is that you eliminate all those files that are not important so that they do not continue to accumulate space and resources. Also important delete all files that are heavy. Especially if you are downloading music or movies from the internet, not to mention games.

Above all, it is important to clear the cache on your device. Since all this will make the performance of the operating system worse considerably. In case you want to eliminate all this you will simply have to follow these steps:

  • We are going to go to “Settings”.
  • Then we return to the tab “general”.
  • Now you have to click on “IPhone storage”.
  • To finish you go to “The memory used by the iPhone that will appear in the list”.
  • A window opens and you will be choosing the applications that consume too much space and press on “Remove App”.

Everything you use on your mobile device takes up space. Even Safari, the iOS browser. So every time you use it, the space it consumes will accumulate. It is essential that from time to time you free up space. To do so, follow these steps: