iPhone How to set up a VPN on iPhone, is the internet safe?  The short answer is no.  Basically as long as ...

iPhone How to set up a VPN on iPhone, is the internet safe? The short answer is no. Basically as long as …

¿internet is safe? The short answer is no. Basically whenever we connect to the internet in one way or another we are in danger. Among viruses, malicious programs, codes from different websites, applications and a long list of dangers.

Every time we are connected to the internet we run the risk of suffering data loss or our device malfunctions.

In our mobile phones this can also happen and if you connect to a public Wi-Fi network or to which many people have access, the risk can end up being even greater.

When we connect to a Wifi network where many people can enter. We find the possibility that a person who has some knowledge on the subject can enter our device thanks to being on the same network.

Luckily this can be avoided with a VPN (virtual private network) iPhone devices work excellent with a VPN and you can connect to any kind of VPN you want without any kind of problem.

When we connect to a VPN we will not have security problems of the kind that I mentioned above. Bear in mind that if you connect to a public Wi-Fi network you are exposed to many dangers. From losing users and password, to accessing your information, conversations, etc.

So what we are going to see now is how to set up a VPN on iPhone. You will learn step by step how to set up, create and connect to a VPN to keep all your information private.

How to create, configure and connect to a VPN

When we use a VPN our data is encrypted. This means that absolutely no one can see any of our information. Even when we visit a website our real IP address is changed.

In short when we use a VPN if someone attacks us for saying somehow. In reality, it ends up attacking the VPN and not our device. Since we make a kind of bridge when using the VPN: our iPhone, then the VPN and then the internet. It is a kind of shield to say the least.

As we use the VPN when browsing, the IP address that is registered in any site or application that we use is that of the VPN itself. This means that We can even skip different regional blocks because the VPN IP is not even from our country.

Tutorial to create and configure a VPN on iPhone

So we are going to see all the steps you need to carry out to be able to navigate safely and above all things calmly. Without having to worry about anything at all.

  • The first thing you have to do is go to “Settings”.
  • Then we will go to the option of “general”.
  • Now you have to go to the option that says “VPN”.
  • If you have never used this option, a message will appear saying “Add VPN configuration”.
  • Here you will have to add all the information of the service provider you hired. There are several free VPNs. So, if you just want to try, you should find one on the internet that convinces you.

Which VPN app is the best for my iPhone?

So setting up a VPN on our iPhone is not complicated at all. ButWhat is the best VPN app for my iPhone? We have a large number of services of this kind and we have something for everyone.

From some that are free and others that are paid. This can complicate things a bit if you don’t have a lot of experience with the matter. But we are going to investigate a little more about it so that things are clearer for you.

Currently the best that exists for iPhone is “NordVPN”Found in Panama. The positive thing about this VPN is not only that it meets what is necessary for us to meet our goal. But, it also has a wide variety of extra options that make it more than interesting.