iPhone line up

iPhone 5, possible leak of its appearance

A piece of iPhone 5 Apple, whose name is not even known iPhone 5 It will be the final one, it could have been leaked, as indicated from a Chinese news website.

iPhone 5

The possible filtered part, of the iPhone 5, is what it looks like to be the digitizer panel that is placed on the front of the phone and the part with which users of the iPhone 5 they would touch, in a tactile way, the phone screen. It is also the area that would protect the screen from possible iPhone 5.

The image does not offer much detail about what we could expect from the iPhone 5, since there is no reference to know the size of the screen, nor other details. After this, many users have started to create their own designs of what the next one will look like. iPhone 5, in which there is speculation with screens of 4 inches and larger.