iphone 6s plus review

iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4, which one do you prefer?

Thus, and according to the study published by Daily Mail, the iPhone 5 was the smartphone that received the most comments after its launch, in September 2012. Of course, one in five posts that were made on social networks, especially in Twitter, was critical of the iPhone 5, especially in aspects such as the problems that the Maps application had (days later Apple apologized for the problems that the Maps application had generated), the charger, the quality of the camera or the fact that the iPhone 5 is very similar to previous versions.

For his part, Samsung Galaxy s4, unveiled in New York in March this year, received fewer complaints than the iPhone 5. According to the report, 11 percent of comments made on social media were negative, while 56 percent of discussions from Twitter highlighted the news that incorporates the latest Samsung flagship, with special emphasis on eye tracking.

Despite the criticism it suffered in the days after its launch, the iPhone 5, the study states that Manzana continues to have a strong brand image and the users of its devices stand out for their loyalty, something to highlight and more so considering that, according to rumors, Apple will launch its next smartphone, iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, during the month of September, as well as making other important announcements, such as a iPhone cheap.