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IPad sales compared to other tablets

According to preliminary data from the consultancy Strategy Analytics, in the fourth quarter of 2014 a total of 78.3 million tablets, 1 percent more compared to 77.2 million units sold in the same quarter of 2013. In total, tablet sales grew 6.6 percent in 2014.

The best news is that Apple, despite its sales declining, managed to consolidate its leadership in this market, with a figure of 21.4 million (26 million were the previous year). Instead, manufacturers of Android tablets saw their sales increase to 51.8 million units, 4 million more than the previous year. The Windows tablets They also enjoyed a good quarter with 5.1 million units sold, compared to 3.4 million in the third quarter of 2013, which is equivalent to 7 percent of sales.

According to the director of the tablet service in Strategy Analytics, Peter King, “the market share of Android increased slightly at the expense of the strong seasonality of the iPad and recorded a 66 percent share of the market for tablets. Android device vendors sold 51.8 million units worldwide in the fourth quarter, up 8 percent from a year earlier, while tablets sold Windows 8.1 showed an annual growth rate of 89 percent, driven, not only by the improvement of sales in the high-end, with products such as Microsoft Surface Pro 3but also in the low-end, as more and more Windows-based products emerge from Chinese manufacturers. ”

For his part, Eric Smith, senior analyst of the tablet service at Strategy Analytics, notes that “Manzana It supplied a total of 21.4 million tablets, a figure that, while representing an 18 percent decline from the previous year, shows a 74 percent rise compared to the third quarter due to seasonality. Terminals Iphone 6 are putting pressure on the iPad Mini, and the continued success of Mac devices could be inhibiting the growth of iPad Air 2 devices. “