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Internet tutorials How to connect to the internet from a cell phone or PC safely via WiFi or USB While the internet has been part of our lives for quite some time …

While The Internet has been part of our lives for quite some timeThis does not mean in any way that we know all the details about its operation, much less that we are clear when we are connected securely.

Based on the doubts that we have noticed in many of the comments of our readers, we want to teach all of them a series of tricks that are essential thinking about being able to connect to the Internet safely.

Only in this way can you be absolutely calm the next time you connect to the Internet, since by following a few very simple steps you will have the possibility to prevent cybercriminals from taking advantage of your released information.

On the other hand, it is important that you know how to choose a suitable password that is easy to remember and secure for the internet. Since this will help you to improve the security of the accounts against hackers.ethernet connection

How to connect to an Ethernet network safely

We will then start with the steps you have to follow if you want to connect to an Ethernet network safely. It is one of the most common forms of connection, if you do not want to be exposing your information, follow these procedures:

  • Place the modem near your PC
  • Turn on the computer
  • Connect the Ethernet cable from the modem to the computer
  • Connect the telephone bridge
  • Connect the cable to the modem
  • Connect the modem power adapter
  • Power on the modem until it is active

Ok, the above are the basic steps, though now we have to make sure we are out of the reach of cybercriminals. Follow these steps:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Enter the browser Settings
  • There go to Privacy and Security and select Content Settings
  • Look for the section of pop-ups and redirects and block them

When you have done the above steps, avoid annoying pop-up ads.

secure wifi modem

How to create a WiFi network safely

In the second instance we have to talk about the steps to create a secure WiFi network, since even if we connect our PC by an Ethernet cable, it will be equally interesting to be able to generate a network of this type to connect the other devices. Follow these steps:

  • Connect the WiFi modem with your computer
  • Go to Command Prompt, typing Cmd from the Search Bar
  • There write the command ipconfig
  • Windows will show you the available IPs
  • Copy the default gateway address, which will have a number like 192.168.xx.xx

How to know if my WiFi is being stolen

From that, we have to take the time to see if our WiFi is being stolen. Follow these steps:

  • Take the previously searched IP address
  • Open your browser and paste it in the address bar, entering it
  • Add personal identification information
  • Enter your Settings
  • Look for the Wireless option
  • Select the name of your WiFi network and the country or region in which you are located
  • Next, check that the Enable Wireless Radio, Enable SSID Broadcast options are active
  • Look for the Wireless Setting section to configure the access code to our network
  • Enter WPA / WPA2 – Personal and add your password

Our recommendation in this type of situation is that always look for a password that is not too simple, taking into account that it is the one that will allow everyone to access your networks. The best is one that only you can get to know.

How to connect to a network from your mobile

Meanwhile, if you want to connect to a network from the mobile device you have on hand, the first thing you should do in that case is to follow some of the two methods that we think are most useful in these cases, both for mobile data and for WiFi.

Connect by mobile data

  • Take your smartphone and lower the top toolbar
  • Look for the Mobile Data or Networks option
  • Search there Mobile data and activate this function

If you have a data rate from an operator, it’s as easy as that to be able to connect to mobile data on your smartphone.

How to connect via WiFi

  • Take your smartphone and lower the top toolbar
  • Look for the WiFi option
  • Activate this feature
  • Add the password for this network if the system asks you to

If there is a WiFi network at your disposal, you can connect in this simple way.