Instagram How to Upload Videos on Instagram of more than a Minute The Instagram social network used mainly to share images and videos ...

Instagram How to Upload Videos on Instagram of more than a Minute The Instagram social network used mainly to share images and videos …

The social network Instagram used mainly to share images and videos from a mobile device has a number of tools. This makes her attractive to her followers, which is why she has become a favorite among technologists.

However, most of the app lovers have felt limited. The reason for this is that you allows uploading videos in a single time span of 60 seconds.

In the era in which we live we have discovered that most problems, not to exaggerate when saying all, have solutions. Reason that allows you to search for new exits to share videos in an unlimited way.

If you are an active user of this network, it is very likely that you have used most of the tools that this application offers. It is precisely through these that we will present the solution to this inconvenience that makes you feel restricted. Maybe you are also interested in learning about other topics in See How To Do It, enter here.

Conventional Ways to Upload Videos to Instagram

If you have only used the basic tools of this application, you may know the conventional way to use it. However we will do a brief review of what we usually do when uploading a video in a traditional way, we can do it in two ways:

  • One of them is by going to the button “new content” which will send us to the access site where we have stored our images and videos.
  • Then we select the video we want to publish and we share it.

We can also do it:

  • Accessing the window that says create content and directly record video before uploading it.

In both cases, if the video exceeds one minute, the application will will ask to compress it down to a length of only one minute in length before allowing publishing.

Nobody likes feeling limited, having to shoot very fast, or cutting very important moments from video. Thinking of ways you can enjoy yourself to the fullest, Instagram presents some options for manage to upload videos that exceed the minute previously stipulated.

New Alternatives for Uploading Videos That Exceed the Minute of Time

Through Stories “live” option that began to be used since the 2016 update. You have a chance to do it. We want to show you how: by heading to this session, you can create content of unlimited length since it will be broadcasting live.

With the limitation that you will not have another opportunity to broadcast and refine details because just as the recording was, they will see it just like that. Since you will be broadcasting live, in the real moment.

Anytime you wish broadcast live, Your followers will receive a notification where they will find out and have the possibility to see you. You must make sure you have a good internet signal to achieve a better transmission quality and the video doesn’t stop.

Another much more up-to-date option is through Instagram TV (IGTV) a television channel integrated into the social network. Which has exceeded the expectations of users because the videos can even reach the hour in its extension.

You can find it in the upper right part of your profile, with the icon of a small television. Although the videos are created at the moment, you have the opportunity to make them a preview before uploading.