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Instagram How to advertise and advertise on Instagram for free, paid or without paying – Step by stepInstagram is right now the main social network in the world, it…

Instagram is right now the main social network in the worldYou can see it in Google Trends itself, which is more than enough reason for most of the world’s large companies, as well as small businesses, to want to advertise among their content, that is, to upload ads.

It is also one of the social networks where you can have the greatest impact, it is proven that if you take the performance of a Facebook fanpage and compare it to the performance of an Instagram profileThe difference is brutal, this is due to the way the information is presented on Instagram and the total number of people who use it per day.

This being the social network that has the most active people per day and with great reason, where else would you find such a complete social network, which appeals to the most human side of people, looking for the most real way to expose your personality Through images or photos on your profile that tell the world who you are and what you want from life, if you know all this now you must already want to use Instagram ads for your benefit.

Taking into account that there are many readers of this site who want to know what are the steps they have to follow to be able to create advertising on Instagram, we are going to show you a simple tutorial that will allow you to do it as quickly as it is easy.

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How to put ads and increase your income on Instagram

As we said before, in these times it is a fact that we are talking about the most demanded social network when it comes to thinking about uploading ads by entrepreneurs or those who are taking their first steps with their own signature.

With a simple advertisement, those who are in this situation have the possibility of bringing their products or services to a huge number of audiences of all ages, gender and other characteristics, having the same Facebook option to segment audiences either by area, age, geography among a world of possibilities that now gives us the opportunity to incorporate Instagram for companies

And as a direct consequence, obviously, these entrepreneurs have started to earn more money than before. What you should keep in mind is that the advertising that appears on Instagram is directly related to the content that the owner of each of the profiles or accounts sees, in such a way that it is selective.

By showing those who are interested in these types of articles, nowadays there is a total segmentation of the public, if your business is, for example, fast food located in a corner near where you live, you can create an advertising guide to appear on instagram stories of people who are close to you.

Creating a frame from 1km to up to 100km, reaching your nearby potential customers, with this tool, for example, small companies can meet needs such as not yet having the ability to deliver home for the demand that they would have if they opened their market to an entire city, so by segmenting your audience you can find to the right people you want to sell to, without facing an over-demand for your product until you can handle it.

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How to advertise on Instagram to grow your business fast

To advertise on Instagram, the first thing you have to do is link your account with your Facebook account. Of course, this is related to Instagram belongs to Facebook for a couple of years now. You can do it like this:

  • Open Facebook
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Instagram ads
  • Link both accounts
  • There go to Power Edition, where you will add advertising to your profile
  • You must select the type of campaign, which will depend on the objectives you have, and who you want to direct the venture
  • Then enter the budget you want to spend
  • Choose the type of ads to be shown, either videos or images
  • Add your hashtags
  • Include the adjustments that you consider necessary to increase income

As you can see, it is a really simple procedure, and The only essential thing is to have a previous Facebook account to be able to link them. Once you have done it, you will be able to upload ads to Instagram and start earning more money, don’t forget to use the basic system correctly, for this the tagged are very important

Have you been able to create your Instagram ads with this tutorial?