Imei Tutorials How to Change the IMEI of the Mobile Phone [Rápido y Fácil]The IMEI number of mobile devices is essential for ...

Imei Tutorials How to Change the IMEI of the Mobile Phone [R├ípido y F├ícil]The IMEI number of mobile devices is essential for …

The IMEI number of mobile devices is essential for these. You could say that it would be like the identity document that we have. It is a unique number that the mobile operator uses to register the phone on the network and that in this way you can get a mobile network by inserting a SIM card.

How to change IMEI on Android

That is why it is so important and we will see how to change the IMEI of a phone in a few steps. Unless strictly necessary we do not recommend doing this. But on many occasions (especially when we acquire a second-hand phone) the same ends up IMEI locked, the reasons can be many, although that is not something that we are going to discuss in this article.

The first thing we are going to do is obtain the current IMEI number of the device so that we can later verify that we have modified it successfully. In order to know the current IMEI number, simply go to the call app and dial * # 06 # a 15-digit number should appear, you will have to carefully write it down somewhere or take a screenshot.

How to modify IMEI on Android

What you will do now is search for an application called IMEI Changer. Unfortunately this is not in the Play Store and we cannot provide you with the link in this article. But with a little patience and searching on Google you can find it quickly.

When we install the application we can see that it has a strange design, but with few options, just and necessary for what we should do.

As soon as we open it, you will see that it has “Original IMEIÔÇŁWhich would be the original IMEI of the phone. It is recommended to save this number to be able to return to the original IMEI in case it is necessary.

Then you can see where it says “IMEI ChangerÔÇŁThe option to type a new 15-digit number. What we recommend is that you change only the last 4 digits and keep the others the same.

How to change IMEI without root on Android

It is advisable to do all this without having the SIM card inserted in the device. Once you finish making these changes, the only thing left to do is restart the mobile device and then, in the same way that I mentioned before from the calling app, verify that the IMEI number was modified.

You should bear in mind that on some occasions the IMEI number may be in use by someone else so you should modify it again. Remember that currently everyone has a phone and this generates millions and millions of IMEI numbers, so it is not so strange that this happens.

In this chaos you will have to go through the whole process again until you can change it permanently and enjoy your device 100% again.