imazing mac

iMazing allows you to manage your iPhone from your Mac or PC

Definitely, iMazing It is an alternative for all those users who do not want to depend on the synchronization offered by iCloud, with the additional cost that it has if you require a space greater than 5 GB. In this way, add music file transfers to and from any iOS device, simply by dragging the contents of the browser window from one device to another.

DigiDNA is in charge of developing the tool and offering support. The company highlights its security because all data is transferred locally, both wirelessly and wired with the computer, eliminating the dependence on data synchronization provided by other services.

The license allows you to work with up to 3 different computers, regardless of whether they are computers Windows or Mac platform. There is a trial version limited in time for all those who want to check the functionality.

iMazing is now available in several languages, including Spanish.