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HTC cancels development of its wearable device

The company has canceled the launch of Grip, its first fitness bracelet that was scheduled for the second quarter. Instead, after a trial period and hearing the opinion of the users who participate in the program, HTC has chosen to “align Grip with the portfolio with the full portfolio of health and fitness products”, which will be released later this year, according to Engadget.

The Grip smartband that it showed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March could be somewhat different from the one re-announced this fall, which is interesting considering that An HTC bracelet has just received its Bluetooth certification.

The model Lime green grip with rubber strap, seen at the MWC, had a P-OLED display and internal GPS so that it was not necessary to carry a mobile phone during training. With a very sporty aestheticFunctionally, it did not offer anything that really differentiated it from other fitness bracelets.