hp bastian wearable

HP launches its Chronowing smartwatch with notifications

The company HP has launched together with the designer Michael Bastian, the bet of its first smartwatch with which it enters the wearable device market. Baptized as Chronowing, It consists of a round sphere with a monochrome LCD screen that collects certain information from the smartphone with which it is paired, either iPhone or Android.

With the design contributed by Michael Bastian, it has been tried to maintain a traditional watch line with a steel finish. The watch informs the user through notification vibrations, but does not allow interaction by touch screen or through voice commands, aspects that we have begun to see in other competing devices. Tampco includes Wifi technology to update certain information remotely. Everything syncs through Bluetooth and by synchronizing with a mobile device such as mobile or tablet. It has three buttons located in the most natural position of analog clocks, to navigate through the information and be able to operate the music player. The less interaction with the watch makes it possible for the autonomy to be much longer than usual, lasting a week under normal conditions.

The HP Chronowing It will go on sale on November 9 in the United States, with a suggested retail price of $ 350. A limited edition version will also be marketed with some extras such as the sapphire crystal and an additional leather strap, with a top price of $ 649.

Just a few days ago Microsoft also announced its product Microsoft Band, a wearable device with a multitude of sensors incorporated into the fitness bracelet to collect information from the user.