HP DreamColor 4K Cinema Monitors Built for Color Professionals


The creators now have new quality monitors developed by HP, these are the new models Cinema 4K HP DreamColor Z31x Studio and HP DreamColor Z24X G2, which incorporates new features such as critical color accuracy and automatic calibration, ideal for producing movies and animations.

The new HP DreamColor Z31x Studio and HP DreamColor Z24X G2 Cinema 4K Monitors were designed in collaboration with leading animation and visual effects studios, the new monitors allow artists, photographers and filmmakers to do what they do best: create without having to worry about poor monitor performance.

Marco Viejo, Head of HP DreamColor Monitors and Workstations at HP Spain noted: “From the purest black to the brightest rainbow, our new DreamColor for Cinema monitor sets the standard for color accuracy and ease of use at a Really affordable price that outshines the competition. The new DreamColor Z monitors will be a game-changer for digital creatives and studios who rely on critical color accuracy and extreme performance. “

The new HP DreamColor Z31x Studio and HP DreamColor Z24X G2 Cinema 4K Monitors are ideal for Windows and Mac computers, and feature comprehensive technology targeted at leading film and visual effects production studios around the world.

The monitor Cinema 4K HP DreamColor Z31x Studio It offers a multitude of capabilities designed for color professionals, including a wide color gamut to display vivid colors, innovation to deliver incredible blacks, a built-in colorimeter for self-calibration, and intuitive workflow and management tools.

Among the highlights of the HP DreamColor Z31x Studio Cinema 4K Cinema 4K Monitor are:

  • Accurate image quality from any viewing angle.
  • Reliable and accurate color with an advanced built-in colorimeter capable of measuring and adjusting performance on screen automatically or at scheduled intervals or on demand
  • Workflow acceleration features that allow users to create in Cinema 4K resolution, view in True 2K and accelerate projects from concept to completion with on-screen markers and input switching between their devices via the keyboard.
HP Z24x G2 DreamColor 4K Cinema Monitor The HP Z24x G2 DreamColor Cinema 4K monitor will arrive in Spain in September 2017.

HP DreamColor Z24x G2 Cinema 4K Monitor

This monitor model offers the color accuracy and consistency that has become synonymous with the HP DreamColor brand. The adjusted price of this DreamColor display allows every artist to have an accurate professional color monitor on their desks.

The HP Z24x, HP’s affordable color critical monitor, offers:

  • A 24-inch DreamColor panel that reproduces up to 1 billion colors from a massive color gamut covering 99% of Adobe RGB.
  • Pure and consistent color accuracy from design to production with incredibly affordable on-monitor color calibration.
  • Button to select the color space
  • Calibration software for Windows® and MacOS that supports both the X-Rite i1Display Pro and Klein Instruments K10-A colorimeters.

The monitor Cinema 4K HP DreamColor Z24x G2 is expected in Spain during July and the monitor HP Z31x DreamColor Studio it is expected to arrive in our country in September.