How to watch Eurovision 2019 online: Order of performance and favorites

How to watch Eurovision 2019 online: Order of performance and favorites


Eurovision 2019 comes to an end: Watch the Eurovision 2019 final on the Internet it’s easier than you think, and Youtube is the key: the European song festival that this time is being held in Israel, so many may be wondering how watch Eurovision online and here we have the answer, and we even tell you the order of performance and share who the favorites to win Eurovision 2019 in the final on May 19. ¿Bets?

How to watch Eurovision 2019

Watch Eurovision online It is possible by the live transmission that TVE will offer, through its website to watch Eurovision in streaming. As you know, TVE has a website where you can see live the transmission of the semifinals and the grand final, so if you have a smart TV or Chromecast it will be easy to see it on TV.

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It can also be viewed from your mobile, since TVE has a free download smartphone application that allows you to see its signal live, so this is also a good option to watch Eurovision online:

Download RTVE for Android

Also, the official channel on Youtube It is the most suitable way to see Eurovision on the Internet from the United States, for example.

Eurovision order of action 2019

  1. Malta: Michela Pace sings Chamaleon
  2. Albania: Jonida Maliqi sings Ktheju tokës
  3. Czech Republic: Lake Malawi sing Friend of a friend
  4. Germany: S! Siters sing Sister
  5. Russia: Sergey Lazarev sings Scream
  6. Denmark: Leonora sings Love is forever
  7. San Marino: Serhat sings Say na na na
  8. North Macedonia: Tamara Todevska sings Proud
  9. Sweden: John Lundvik sings Too late for love
  10. Slovenia: Zala Kralj & Gasper Santl sing Sebi
  11. Cyprus: Tamta sings Replay
  12. Netherlands: Duncan Laurence sings Arcade
  13. Greece: Katerine Duska sings Better love
  14. Israel: Kobi Marimi sings Home
  15. Norway: KEiiNO sing Spirit In The Sky
  16. UK: Michael Rice sings Bigger than us
  17. Iceland: Hatari sing Hatrid mun sigra
  18. Estonia: Victor Crone sings Storm
  19. Belarus: Zena sings Like it
  20. Azerbaijan: Chingiz sings Truth
  21. France: Bilal Hassani sings Roi
  22. Italy: Mahmood sings Soldi
  23. Serbia: Nevena Bozovic sings Kruna
  24. Switzerland: Luca Hänni sings She got me
  25. Australia: Kate Miller – Heidke sings Zero Gravity
  26. Spain: Miki sings La Venda

Eurovision 2019 Favorites

The favorites to win Eurovision 2019 are the Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Russia.

The data: watch Eurovision on the internet From Mexico and Latin America it is possible through the official YouTube channel, which will be broadcasting live for the whole world, the important thing about it is to know the schedule according to each city:

• Mexico DF.: 2:00 pm• Bogotá: 3:00 pm• Caracas: 4:00 pm • Santiago de Chile: 4:00 pm • Buenos Aires: 5:00 pm• Sao Paulo: 5:00 pm