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How to Root Xiaomi all devices

How to Root Xiaomi all devices. We write for users who need to have root permissions on devices, although there are many who do not want. For the more advanced it is a very useful practice, and even necessary. Therefore, in this tutorial we will share with you a simple and fast way to root any Xiaomi device. It is a legal process, without losing the warranty, using the update tool that is installed by default with the Xiaomi operating system.

Install the Developer Rom for Xiaomi devices.

As in all devices from other manufacturers, also in Xiaomi devices, there are several ways to root. However, the method we recommend in this tutorial is the simplest and safest.

How to Root Xiaomi all devices

In the process, we just change the rom that is installed by default in the device for the official Xiaomi rom for developers, which already has Root permissions. We download these roms for free from the Xiaomi website, where we select our manufacturer (Xiaomi) and choose the device model that we will have to appear on the list. Next, we choose the Developer Rom (the second one that appears) and download it.


We install: “My PC Suite”, in order to have the drivers on the computer and for the system to be able to recognize the device and access its internal storage.

We move the rom that we have downloaded in the previous steps to the “downloaded_rom” directory of the Huawei device.

Once transferred in the internal memory of the Huawei device, we start the update platform from the device. We choose the option “choose an update package” and the file explorer opens, which helps us choose the package that we have copied in the previous step to the “downloaded_rom” folder.

The update process will begin and will last a couple of minutes. Once the device is finished it will restart automatically and with this we will have the developer rom with the new features enabled, among them, the superuser permissions, or root.

Install software to control the root.

For security reasons third-party applications are blocked and require superuser permissions.

If we want to allow applications to obtain these permissions we must enable them manually. To do this, we will go to “Security -> Permissions” of the operating system we will have a new entry called “Root access” from here we can give permission to any application we want, leaving those that do not need it, for security, without said permissions


⇒ How to remove / delete Root on Android devices.

That’s it. This is the guide on How to Root Xiaomi all devices. Next, take advantage of the installed TWRP custom recovery and make a nandroid backup, so that later, you can quickly restore the entire system in case you need it. It is also recommended to create a backup copy of the EFS partition that stores identification information of your device such as IMEI, Product Code, SIM Unlock, etc.