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How to root an LG Leon in less than 3 minutes and without a PC

This is a small tutorial to be able to root your LG Leon, this is a smartphone that we can classify between the entry-level and the mid-range range, not for that reason we could forget not to publish this post where you will be taught how to be able to super permissions user.

As it says in the title, it is not necessary to use a PC since we will only need to have internet access to be able to download an application that will be able to do all the work, perhaps and you have heard about it in other times but you have never imagined that this will be the one that will be able to root your LG Leon, let’s see how it is.

The application I am talking about is: KingRoot, this is quite famous and popular in terms of being able to do this work, it is not a Chinese application that has letters or symbols that we will not understand, it is in our language, so that there will be no problem when doing this procedure.

The first thing we have to do is (well it is a recommendation) to be able to synchronize your photos, contacts as we always do through our gmail account, this will be able to help us recover data in case something goes wrong (such as get briked).

Once we have done it, we put in google the following: «Download KingRoot» we will see the first result that is from the uptodown page, download it and then proceed to install, if it tells you that it cannot, we activate the option to facilities of unknown origins.

Double tap on the app, here we will be able to get an assistant which is only necessary to give the option “root” after that we will be able to see that the percentage of the procedure is shown, this will not take more than 3 minutes . It is possible that your mobile will restart, once your mobile is finished it will already be with super user permissions.

I have to say that it does not install SuperSu or another similar app, but the one that is in charge of managing the super user permissions will be an app that has the same name as the application, that is, KingRoot, the same and as I mentioned this in Spanish and has a very nice interface.

To finish, if after a week you see a message in the notifications part of this app, it could damage your device, you must restart it, and if it is not removed you can try uninstalling this application and then reinstalling, after that it will no longer be leave.

Link: Download the app