How to choose the best mobile phone rate?  Here the keys

How to choose the best mobile phone rate? Here the keys


Sometimes, being more frequent when we acquire a new mobile, we do not locate the telephone service plan that we deserve according to the frequency of use in its different functions and, much more, to what we give to the smartphone in terms of our daily work.

Possibly, we hook up for the first time a service that with the excitement of spending the whole day connected to the Internet from the phone we will consume them immediately, or another with excess megabytes that when the restlessness of the novelty passes we will have excess and we will continue paying a huge amount of money in vain.

It is because of that it is necessary to be very aware of the use that we give to our smartphones on a day-to-day basis to be clear when choosing a mobile phone rate plan, not only in the personal sphere, but also the usefulness that it also has in that job that we perform at the moment.

Now, how to choose the best mobile phone rate: that is the issue with which we are going to help you. Here is a review of the questions you should ask yourself when selecting the best mobile rate, which is not necessarily the cheapest phone rate … Beware of getting carried away only by the price!

How much time do you spend talking on your mobile phone?

How much time do you spend talking on your mobile phone.

Regularly, smartphone users look for services that offer greater Internet access regardless of minutes or other plans they offer. This does not affect the case that users use their smartphones to navigate applications such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter or WhatsApp to communicate.

But nevertheless, It is necessary to observe the panorama well in the case of using the mobile, in the same way, for work matters, where communication through telephone calls warrants, the fact of not having a telephone line at home or also if we live estranged from our family or friends and make frequent calls to them, then you would need a plan that additionally has several minutes to be able to attend to this need.

There are telephone companies that offer attractive prepaid promotions, which allow you to save on monthly expenses with which you can navigate free of charge with the most popular applications such as Twitter and Facebook, while granting calling plans between them and other operators between allotted minutes, all of this must be taken into consideration.

Do you constantly download applications or do you surf the Web a lot?

You constantly download applications or surf the web a lot

Often, smartphone users use approximately 3GB per month, since they use them to stay active through different social networks, text messaging apps, or simply enjoy music and videos. But most of these when they arrive at their destination, either at work or at home, will deactivate the use of mobile data to use Wi-Fi, this is quite beneficial, if you have this alternative, in case your budget does not meet adapt to the services offered by your telephone operator.

For this reason, it is important to be clear about which applications we use most frequently, which of them need excessive consumption of mobile data and which do not.

It is also valid to configure some of these so that they limit themselves to using Wi-Fi exclusively, this also saves consumption, among them the apps with which we can upload images taken with the phone’s camera, in some cases they do so automatically to our storage space in the cloud, which considerably reduces the data traded. If we configure them to do it exclusively via Wi-Fi, we will save a lot of money on data.

What else are we going to use it for?

What else are we going to use it for

Being our own smartphone, it is normal that 99% of the browsing data that we contract is for personal use, but there are times when a family member, friend or coworker consumes their browsing limit and loses access to the network, And if you are one of those pious souls who shares your data when these circumstances arise, it is necessary to consider perhaps the possibility of having 1GB of additional data to our plan.