How do we Spaniards use mobile phones in summer?

How do we Spaniards use mobile phones in summer?


With the arrival of summer, the plans that we have made for months are put into motion. In these plans the mobile is included without any doubt, but in what we Spaniards use mobile phones in summer?

The answer to this question stems from an Asus research, which highlights that 83% of Spaniards consider the mobile phone essential in their summer holidays rather than their toothbrush.

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This same survey highlights that one of the uses of mobile phones in summer corresponds to social networks. 21% of Spaniards say they use social networks more during the holidays and the reason according to the study is to show the best of us and of our trips to achieve a kind of admiration on the part of the people who visit our profiles.

To corroborate this research, there is the VIII IAB Spain Social Networks Study that publishes that 86% of Spaniards use social networks. Facebook and Instagram lead the positions as the most used networks.

Taking pictures, reviewing the apps and keeping in touch with family and friends are others mobile uses in summer that we Spaniards give him. Which would you add?