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Google updates its search algorithm to stay ahead of Bing and Yahoo

google updates its search algorithm to stay ahead of bing and yahoo

Despite the few external changes that the main page of search from Google Since its inception, the popular search engine has been adapting internally to changes in the methods of search that have been produced over time.

So it is not surprising that, despite his success with a 65% of Internet searches, the browser has recently updated its search algorithm to deliver more recent and accurate results with keywords entered by users.

The example you set Google on its official blog is very representative of what the company intends. If we look for news related to the Olympics, we will probably be interested in news about the upcoming games, not the ones that were held more than a hundred years ago. It is in this kind of searches where Google will provide the most recent results first.

Although the searches of recent results started some time ago, with the system Caffeine, is now improved with the new algorithm that, according to Google, will affect 35% of searches.