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Google How to use the Google Data Marker In order to correctly use the Google structured data marker, …

In order to use the google structured data bookmark, the first thing you have to do is register in the Webmaster tools. This is a free service offered by the search engine, which aims to improve the quality of your snippet, that is, the way your website appears in search engine results.

The best thing about this tool is that does not require you to write the codes. So it will take care of everything, like an assistant, and will generate the code itself as you indicate the kind of content you want to mark.

However, in case using Google’s webmaster tools seems a bit complex, you don’t have to worry. Through this article you will learn how to properly use google’s structured data bookmark, so that you do not have complications when using this tool.

Steps to Use Google’s Structured Data Bookmark

Step 1: Access the Wizard

After you have correctly entered your account Google webmaster tools, the first thing you will have to do is access the last item in the vertical menu.

You will have to click on the “other resources” tab, after that, in the center of the website you will find the structured data markup wizard.

Step 2: Choose the Data Type

Once you have entered, you will see a new menu. In this you must choose what kind of structured data you want to mark. If, for example, you decide to choose “articles”, You will notice that you will have many possibilities.

It is important that this adapts to the type of website you use. That is, if for example your website is about the sale of computer programs, you will have to use the option “Software applications”, To meet your objectives.

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Step 3: Enter your Web Address

Now you will have to enter the address of your website or the one you want to bookmark. Although, if you prefer, you can also paste the html. In case you have never published on the page to mark, andIt is advisable to use the option to paste the html.

After you have chosen the option that is most suitable for you, regardless of whether it was pasting the html or the web address, you will have to click on the button “start tagging”.

Step 4: Get Started with Labeling

After completing the previous step, you are ready to start tagging. You can see that a preview of the web page you selected has been loaded. In addition, on the right side, you will see that there is a menu that contains all the structured data that allows the marking of a certain “article”.

For example, you can mark the image. To do this you will only have to click on the web part, then on your photo and then a menu will open. In this you will have to click on “image”. Then you will see how your photo has already been added to the side menu.

Step 5: Proceed with the rest of the articles

Now you will have to continue in the same way with the rest of the data allowed by the markup of a single article. You can locate it on the web, then you will have to click it with the mouse and mark it in the menu that opens. In case you make a mistake, don’t worry, you can use the option “Delete the label” in case you make a mistake.

Step 6: Add the HTML

As soon as you have made sure that you have already marked all those data that interest you, you will only have to go to the upper right and click on “add html”.