Gmail How to Enter Gmail WITHOUT Password Whenever we talk about Gmail mail, we point out that it is probably the ...

Gmail How to Enter Gmail WITHOUT Password Whenever we talk about Gmail mail, we point out that it is probably the …

Whenever we talk about Gmail email, we point out that it is probably the most popular of all email clients electronic world, at least if we take into account the number of users it has right now. However, it is true that some of those users have experienced problems when trying to access their Gmail email accounts, and that is why we want to solve them.

If we use our Gmail email account in the main social networks, etc., we will know then that from time to time, when we lose the password of the first site, an email will be sent to this platform with a new login code that will be the that we must take into account now. But what if we have also completely forgotten our Gmail email password?

Well, the best of the case is that having forgotten the Gmail password is no longer a problem under any circumstances, since Google has announced that it will no longer be necessary to be able to log in to Gmail mail quickly and easily. And although many will believe that this means that our account is less protected than before, we want to teach you all the details that you should consider in this regard.

How to log in to Gmail mail without password?

As we said, many may consider that allowing you to log in to Gmail without the password is a true Google madness, but the truth is that there is a rational explanation behind all this, how could it be otherwise. In fact, the system is even more secure than before, because the first thing we are going to need is a smartphone that is synchronized with our account.

Indeed, the best solution that all of us who tend to forget our login password in Gmail mail have at hand is none other than synchronizing this account with our smart mobile device. We even consider it to be a much safer solution in any case than setting Gmail to start automatically in our web browser.

  • To log in to Gmail email without a password, the first thing you should do is log in through your Gmail account as explained in this link, and then you will see the option “Use your phone to log in” appears.
  • Then the system will tell you some information about it, such as that no compatible phone is connected to the Google account, and if so, you must go to Settings, Accounts, Add accounts, select Google, and log in again
  • When you have entered this section, you will see that the name you have assigned to your mobile device appears next to the Screen lock message. We give Next
  • Then, Google will send us a notice directly to the mobile device, which we must have on hand, asking if we want to log in from a new computer, to which of course we must press Yes

As simple as that is to log in to Gmail mail without the password at hand