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Gmail How to Change the Theme / Wallpaper of your GMAIL Mail? – 2020 Human beings have always had the need to stay in …

Human beings have always had the need to keep in communication with their loved ones or work colleagues, therefore sending letters, postcards or files would not take long to join the world of technology thanks to Gmail. Would you like to know How to change and customize the Wallpaper of your Gmail mail? See how to do it in this post.

With the birth of the “Emails“Or”emails”This communication has been drastically simplified.

Now we are just a couple of clicks to inform any of our loved ones about everything that has happened to us in the day. Just like we can contact our clients, colleagues or bosses just by opening our email and starting to write.

Due to these facilities, more and more users are enlisting in the troops of the computer age. In the same way, many of these spend hours inside their email accounts.

What more can an Email company like Google do than make their users’ eyesight?

Thus being born the option of power modify our user interface to the images or colors that we like the most.

With just a couple of steps and following this short guide, you too will be able to enjoy your mailbox with the colors and wallpapers you prefer.

How to Change the Wallpaper of your Gmail Mail

Change the Wallpaper

First of all, to be able to modify the wallpaper or the “Theme”From your Gmail account, you must have accessed your Gmail email. For this, access through this link and put your username and passwords created previously.

After you have entered your data, the email service will redirect you to your inbox, where you can view the emails that have been sent to you.

Below this message tray is where we are going to place a new design or wallpaper.

Located on the mentioned screen, you will see that in the upper right, a gear icon will appear (in case a gear icon does not appear, your user image will appear). There you must click on it, this will display a small list of options, before which we must click on the option that says: “Mail configuration”.

Once we are in the configuration menu of our Gmail account, we will have to go to the “Topics” section.

By doing this we will be sent to a screen with several aesthetic characteristics that we can modify of our email, both the color of our interface and the image shown below our received messages.

We will can try the different options that Google offers us selecting on them and clicking on the button “Accept” or Save “located at the bottom – right of the screen.