Gmail How to Activate the Spell Checker in GmailThe spell checker in Gmail is an easy way to check…

Gmail How to Activate the Spell Checker in GmailThe spell checker in Gmail is an easy way to check…

The spell checker in Gmail is an easy way to check for spelling mistakes while writing emails. The tool works with words written in English, Spanish, German, Italian and many other languages.

The Google Gmail spell checker is convenient for all types of users, whether you are writing an email to a potential employer or employee, or composing messages for your weekend trip with your friends.

The spell checker is just a couple of buttons away and Gmail will show you every word that is misspelled and suggest new words to use.

How to Activate the Corrector in Gmail?

The spell checker in Gmail emails can be accessed from the little menu button at the bottom of each message.

  1. Click on the menu of three stacked dots at the bottom right of the Gmail message box.
  2. Click Check Spelling.
  3. Immediately, you will see all the spelling errors highlighted in red.
  4. If your browser also supports spell checking.
  5. You may also see another indication of a spelling mistake, such as a red wavy line under the words.
  6. Click on any misspelled word to get a list of suggested alternate spellings.
  7. Click on a different word to have Gmail automatically replace your misspelled word with a correctly spelled word.
  8. You can also click Ignore to avoid the misspelling.
  9. If you type more words in the email and want to check the spelling again.
  10. Click Recheck at the bottom of the message box.

You can also check Spanish words or words from other languages ​​from the same spell check menu. To do this, simply choose which language Gmail should recognize.

  • Follow the first two steps above to access the spell checker.
  • Click the arrow next to Recheck.
  • Click on Spanish for Spanish, Italian for Italian, etc.

Facts about the Gmail Spell Checker

You can use the Gmail spell checker in the same way, no matter how you type your emails. You can extract the spell checker option from a new message or one that you are replying to or forwarding.

The default option for the spell checker is Automatic, which uses the default language set in your Google account.

The spell checker also does not remember in which language you chose to check the spelling. For example, you can choose French for one email and then open a different one to find that the option has been returned to Auto.

Gmail doesn’t simultaneously check more than one language for spelling errors. For example, if your message is written in English with a mix of several Spanish words and you choose the Spanish spell check option, the tool will identify most of your English words as errors (because that is not how they are spelled in Spanish ).