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Gadgets How to connect or synchronize a Smartwatch with an Android or iPhone mobile Smartwatch is here to stay and the truth is that they are …

The smartwatch They are here to stay and the truth is that they are incredibly, they are used for all kinds of things, they are very useful in every way, I have already talked about this in previous articles where I tell you the benefits of having a smartwatch, the amount of facilities it can grant you, now it is true that many people who have one for the first time do not have much idea of ​​what is going on

How to synchronize it with the mobile phone To make it work, well in this article I just want to tell you how you should do so that everything works as it should so that once configured you can configure it as you want


How to Synchronize smartwatch with mobile phone

Actually, it is generally the same in all cases. The first thing you should do is that both devices have the batteries fully charged.

Once ready you will have to open the relevant application on your mobile phone, obviously you will have to open everything for the first time and accept the terms of use of Google put there for you etc.

After this you will have to activate bluetooth and on the watch you will have to activate the search mode, it will be extremely easy to find it because it is near the notification bar

You will quickly see how the phone is and in this way you will have to start the connection in question with your device.

You will see that the smartwatch sends a verification code to the phone in question and what you are going to have to do is basically accept with both devicesWait until a poster appears where it clarifies that everything is perfectly synchronized.

Smartwatches are very beautiful tools with a great capacity to load applications, from WhatsApp to calls, you can put basically everything to your device, as long as of course it is supported by the mobile device and the watch connected to it, once connected you will still have to do a couple of things

Smart Watches

How to view video from the smartwatch

Now you will return to the mobile device and once in it, you will be able to view a video where you try to explain a few things about the smartwatch, I recommend that you arm yourself with patience and look at it to start using it in a more agile way and that the learning curve is as bearable as possible.

What you have to do now to finish is simply accept the terms of Google Now, after this activate the notifications of Android Wear and you would be ready to start using the smartwatch with your mobile phone.

Then in case you need to have some other application installed on your smartwatch you can do it by entering the Play Store, in this way you can customize everything and leave it as comfortable as it is, always remember to leave space and do not overload this small device that although nothing bad could happen, if it could slow down and cause poorer system performance

Let’s not forget that it is a rather small device and should not be over saturated, it is preferable to keep it in a low capacity state so that it can work in optimal conditions and prolong the life of our plus very useful, nice smart watch.

As you can see, it is not complicated at all to synchronize a smartwatch with a mobile phone and in a matter of a few minutes you will have everything ready to start using it, without complications or external problems. before starting to use it is recommended charge it up to its maximum battery percentage,