Future of Technology: 2020 Trends Seen at CES

Future of Technology: 2020 Trends Seen at CES


As we are used to, the CES 2020 It has been brilliant, attractive, exciting and futuristic. On Tuesday, January 7, the most important technology fair in the world began in Las Vegas, United States, the Consumer Electronic Show 2020, Or simply CES 2020, as it is known to most. Why is this event so excited, not only by experts or lovers of technology, but by anyone who benefits from it? Well, because this is where we generally know the electronic devices that set the standard in world markets and, indeed, have become indispensable in our lives. Of course, many manufacturers take advantage of these events to show off equipment that will never be on the market, but that serve as a showcase to announce their respective advances in different areas, that is why the novelties of CES 2020 largely mark what innovation will be in technology in 2020, so let’s review the points that have most caught our attention in this edition.

At CES 2020For example, we all want to know how much technology has progressed 5G and how we will benefit from it as well as from the so-called artificial intelligence. Those of us who love videos and the audiovisual world in general are interested in knowing a great deal about the new proposals in televisions. And of course we are interested in knowing about the advances in the robotics area, which is increasingly integrated into our daily lives. Anyway, in a moment we will talk about some areas that have shaken the CES 2020 and its repercussions in the coming months.

CES 2020 TV: Giants to Fill the Wall

The Wall MicroLED TV was the standard of Samsung in the area of ​​televisions of CES 2020. Impressive for its size and more for the image quality

Televisions tend to attract a lot of attention at any technology fair. CES 2020 It could not be the exception, and more so in these times in which television production is experiencing its moment of greatest splendor. Huge television screens were deployed throughout the fair, and it seems that there are no limits regarding the size of this type of panel.

But if we give credit to those who believe that size does matter, they will like to know that Samsung hit with a huge television with MicroLED technology, which is called to replace in the medium term the already successful OLED technology, from that same house. Not for nothing they called it The Wall MicroLED TV, and its 292 inches did not go unnoticed by attendees.

The MicroLED It is one of the novelties that he presented Samsung at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. It comes from its laboratories and uses millions of “mini” LEDs to achieve an experience superior to OLED, in relation to sharpness and image quality.

Apart from MicroLED, other technological advances or novelties in the audiovisual area that have been most interested in the CES 2020 have been: Mini-LED, QLED, OLED, Samsung 8K QLED 2020, ATSC 3.0 and HDMI 2.1, among others. Samsung also presented its The Sero TV able to rotate position according to the content to be displayed.

The reduction of the frames in most of the televisions exhibited at CES 2020 suggests that this will be the trend in the coming years

However, Samsung’s main letter of introduction, in terms of consumer televisions, was the Q950TS 8K QLED TV 2020, its flagship model for this year that is just beginning. As many of the televisions exhibited in the CES 2020, stands out for a notable reduction of the frame, which is almost imperceptible at a certain distance, measures just 2.3 millimeters, which leaves the screen with 99% of the front. Count on the system Full Array Local Dimming, which provides a higher level of contrast and sharpness. The sound and the contributions of Artificial Intelligence in this model were also well received by those attending the CES 2020.

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Artificial Intelligence the order of the day

LG, Sony and Vizio have emphasized Artificial Intelligence to prop up the quality of their televisions

By the way, the AI ​​factor (Artificial Intelligence) is increasingly determining in the quality of the image, that is why the most important manufacturers have not skimped on improving this technology; and we are very grateful, of course. In 2019 we saw several brands and models boasting of this resource, but there is no doubt that the new generations, as we saw in the CES 2020They come with improvements. Samsung and LG are among the manufacturers that have invested the most efforts in this technology, whose benefits when resizing images and preserving superior quality are appreciated, especially in 8K monitors.

LG and Sony also caught the attention of visitors to the CES 2020, thanks to its televisions with OLED technology, considered by many experts as the one that provides the best results in terms of sharpness.

In future installments we will delve more deeply into the consumer televisions that impressed the most in the world. CES 2020. But not everything was televisions: There are also news in Drones, such as PowerEgg X with camera and artificial intelligence that we met in this edition of CES.

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Robots and other protagonists of CES 2020

Although it was shown as a prototype, the Concept UFO attracted a lot of attention among fans of the powerful video game market

More than 4500 companies showed their products at the CES 2020. So you can have an idea of ​​the impossibility of reviewing everything that happened there, and less in these brief lines. Videogames enjoyed stellar moments, with interesting proposals, such as Alienware’s Concept UFO. This computer consists of two removable controllers at each end of the screen (8 inches). If you decide to do without them, the controllers can be joined together to form a true gamepad. It was one of the devices that most liked in the CES 2020 from Las Vegas. But the bad news is that it is a prototype that still does not have a precise date for its launch to the market, from Alienware.

Mobile phones always stand out at these events. Special mention in the CES 2020 have received the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, the Galaxy S10 Lite, the TCL 10 Pro and the folding version of this Chinese company, the TCL 5G. These and other gadgets that attracted attention at this Las Vegas rendezvous promise a lot of buzz for months to come.