The iPad mini Retina goes on sale and lowers the price of its predecessor

Fnac Junior, another tablet for the little ones

It will be possible to find it as Tablet Fnac Junior And although it is presented in black, it includes two bumpers in blue and orange, as well as a strap for easy transport. Its weight is 360 grams and the usual size of a tablet with a 7-inch capacitive screen. The screen is IPS with 5 touch points, and it can handle resolutions of 1024 x 600 pixels.

Its internal memory is 8 GB, expandable through a microSD card slot. Also its battery is 4,300 mAh thinking about the fact of offering autonomy even when the little ones use it to watch videos or movies.

In front of other options like Imaginarium SuperPaquito, the tablet is much cheaper. However, it does not have a platform or applications developed specifically for children. Let’s say that the new Fnac Junior depends on the applications and content offered through the Android channel of Google Play.

Since Fnac They emphasize that the tablet is sold with a series of games, interactive stories and multimedia applications pre-installed as standard. Fnac also has the application Fnac eBooks that gives access to the universe of books, an online platform where it is possible to find more than 50,000 titles, although with a very varied content.

Until we can prove it, we don’t know if Fnac You have somehow personalized the tablet and introduced some kind of parental control. The grace of this type of tablet is the fact of being able to control the contents and use of them. The model Imaginarium SuperPaquito, has the operating system Magic OS, customizing the interface with large icons, and adding specific photo retouching applications, an email manager adapted for children, as well as a whole series of applications that will be marketed through its online store. PaquitoLand. L

Parents can create as many user profiles as they want, control the installation and use of applications, as well as the origin of the emails that will reach the children. As the idea is to be able to play and learn, another of the great facets of Superpaquito is the possibility of setting daily device usage times for each child. As it is a device based on Android OS, It is also possible to install applications from Google Play, so the diversity of content is assured.