fitbits nuevas 2014

Fitbit adds logs with voice commands through Cortana

With the proliferation of a greater number of manufacturers betting on this type of solutions, both wearable bracelets and smart watches, traditional brands such as Fitbit They have seen the need to focus on offering differentiating aspects, enhancing the possibilities of their software, as well as the services offered.

In this way, Fitbit has added more possibilities for measuring and monitoring information, with the incorporation of more sensors to some of its new models (Fitbit Charge HR), and the arrival of the first model that can be considered a fitness smartwatch, the Fitbit Surge, with caller ID, music controls and other options that come into play when worn in sync with the smartphone. The company that has a market share of 69 percent, according to NPD Group, sees the need to offer more models and enter the smartwatch market.

Another of the innovations announced by the manufacturer is that users of the mobile platform Windows Phone they will be able to take advantage of the voice assistant Cortana, available only in English, since it will be possible to register food eaten through voice commands, or to enter exercises performed. It is quite an extra, but it reaches a platform for mobile devices that at the moment is a minority compared to Android and Apple iOS.

The first to be marketed throughout this month of November will be the Fitbit Charge, a model that maintains the essence of the model Flex, but now adds a small screen to show the time and offer caller identification on the wrist. The activity bracelet, which also collects sleep patterns, has improved the type of closure without having to remove the smart sensor from inside. Its sale price is 129.95 euros and it will be available in black and slate, (later in blue and burgundy).

For just 20 euros more, we will have at the beginning of next year the Fitbit Charge HR, a model physically very similar to the one already mentioned, but with the difference that it adds a new sensor to monitor the heart rate collected from the wrist 24 hours a day. With the technology called PurePulse, taking this new measure is a great extra for athletes and users who exercise intensively, since it allows them to control the evolution of their heart rate over time and detect possible abnormalities in their heart rate.

Finally, the Fitbit Surge, a smartwatch with a larger screen size that has eight sensors and GPS to offer all kinds of measurements and add information about the route carried out in training without the need to carry a phone or smartphone. . Built-in GPS allows you to get statistics of pace, distance traveled, altitude, split time and training summaries. Both the Fitbit Charge HR, like the Fitbit Surge, they won’t arrive until early 2015.

Since Fitbit they have always made an effort to enhance their monitoring software, accessible from any mobile platform, as well as from a desktop computer through the website. Motivation features allow you to set challenges, view progress in charts and graphs, earn badges, as well as compete with friends and user groups. Users value it positively, although the part of recording calories ingested, in regards to meals, needs to be improved. The company has recently announced an agreement in this regard with Medifast in order to face this section in which users pay less attention to the time necessary to record the meals eaten.