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First LaCie drive with Thunderbolt

lacie little big disk

The new external disk of LaCie, Little Big Disk, bases its connection with computers on connectivity Thunderbolt, technology developed by Intel and that Apple has incorporated into its latest models Macbook pro.

Known as Light Peak, the peripheral interconnection standard developed by Intel, it promises communication speeds of up to 10 Gbps, which means that it far exceeds current USB 3.0 and eSATA connectors that are used to connect external peripherals to any computer. Due to the type of speeds offered, it is especially interesting for transferring large amounts of data, as well as video editing environments.

The Little big disk It comes in the typical d2-type aluminum casing to which the manufacturer is accustomed, providing efficient heat dissipation, and with the possibility of replacing the two integrated SSD units. The presented configuration offers a storage capacity of 500 GB provided by the two SSDs of 250 MB each, configured in RAID0 mode. Also SSDs are models manufactured by Intel.

The price of the solution has not yet been revealed by LaCie, but it is possible to know all the details of the new product in its technical data sheet.