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First impressions of the new iPod touch, nano and shuffle on the Macworld blog

At Macworld blog you can already find the first impressions by Javier Rodríguez, deputy director of Macworld, with the new Apple multimedia devices. That is, the iPod touch, nano, and shuffle.

Despite being in the shadow of the iPhone, new iPod touch are presented as a really attractive bet if what you are looking for is a Media player with the entire ecosystem of applications Manzana at. The rear camera has been greatly improved for taking pictures and video and, although some components of the iPhone are missing, it offers a totally “made in Apple” multimedia experience without the need for telephony functions. Here you can find the complete review of this new generation iPod touch.

In the case of Ipod nano, Apple has revolutionized device design in relation to the previous generation (with square format and without video playback) and, in this case, it has returned to the design of previous generations offering a widescreen and the ability to play video at a sufficient size. Its design is a return to the 4th and 5th generation although with many lookalikes inherited directly from iPod touch, like the start button for example. If you want to know all the details take a look at this entry on our blog.

Lastly, and in this case least important, Apple updated the iPod shuffle. The minimal expression of the reproducers of Manzana that only allows the playback of music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. It is the only model of those presented at Apple’s September event that does not have the new Lightning connector. Without a doubt, it does not replace any of the previous models in terms of features and possibilities but it becomes the ideal choice if what you want is that you accompany you in your sports activities or take it anywhere without fear of losing it on the way. You can also see all the details of the new iPod shuffle in the bMacworld log.

Don’t forget to also visit the Macworld facebook page where you can see a complete photo gallery of each model and the opinions of our writing team on the matter.