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Facebook sets its stock price at $ 38

The last step of Facebook to start your journey in the bag it is already done. The company has been finalizing the rigorous procedures in recent weeks, with meetings with investors and with the Stock Market Commission. At these meetings, the starting price of the securities has been set. Facebook, which have been confirmed on the social network one day before the start of their activity.

Facebook will sell each of its Actions for $ 38. Before making the price official, the company had already given several ranges in which the price of its securities would be. Precisely this week raised said margin, placing it precisely up to 38 dollars. In this way, the shares will finally be traded from the first moment for the maximum value that had been set.

With this price, Facebook This Friday, it will become the company with the highest capitalization at its start on the stock market. The company is thus valued at an initial value of more than 104,000 million dollars, according to El País.

Facebook intends to sell a total of 421 million Actions, which would allow the company to add more than 16,000 million dollars with this IPO. It would be the largest initial fundraiser for a Sillycon Valley business. In addition, analysts believe that the securities could rise in value quickly due to the high demand for them, which would skyrocket the value of the company. However, the future of Facebook As an advertising platform, it is a black point that generates certain doubts about the company.

It is expected that the start of Facebook in bag occurs at 5:00 p.m. in Spain. The premiere of the company will be quite an event, which will have a worldwide following. Facebook will operate on the Nasdaq trading floor under the name FB.