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Facebook invites its users to participate in the privacy debate

Facebook has begun to notify its members of the opening of a new comment period on the modifications in its Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities that will conclude on April 27.


One of the recent changes that has generated the most comments is the disqualification what can you do Facebook to the to block the use of the service offered to those users who are activists. And it specifies as follows: ‘some or all of Facebook’s services may not be available to some users in certain geographic areas. We reserve the right to exclude or limit the provision of any service or function at our discretion. ‘ After the barrage of criticism, the social network has come to pass clarifying that the proposed change at this point is to cover those circumstances in which due to the low quality of the Internet they cannot offer all their services, or failing that, that it is the activist’s own country of origin who decides to block him. ‘

Another comment that the social network has echoed is that of a user who expressed dissatisfaction by claiming that the changes in Facebook policies are a strategy to expand their data collection activities. And it is that, with so much followed and unclear modification, it is logical that Facebook users feel confused, and if to that circumstance we add the fact that the references to ´Privacy policies‘, have been changed to’Data Use Policy‘, the confusion is greater.

In addition, there is the issue that the new ‘Data Use Policy’ allows information to be shared about the use made by Facebook members of third-party applications developed with the Facebook platform. These apps can access and share certain information about the user and their contacts.

To which Facebook adds that users can control the way they share their data through applications.

On the other hand, policies on photo tagging They are also being altered, and Facebook is asking for users’ opinions. The previous version of the Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities has already elicited numerous criticisms, and not only because of the substance but also because of the design of the controversial Biography.

Finally, for users to express their votes, they must do so through Facebook itself and they do get more than 7,000 reviews On the same point of the Decalration of Rights and Responsibilities, the social network will give these users the opportunity to present alternatives to the new modifications.