Facebook How to Merge Two Facebook PagesFacebook is a very important platform in all networks ...

Facebook How to Merge Two Facebook PagesFacebook is a very important platform in all networks …

Facebook is a very important platform in the set of social networks. Many people at open a business opt for create a page for you to advertise. It is a great advantage because Facebook makes this page easy for you free.

Facebook pages are a excellent platform to carry out the Marketing. Pages are mostly used to give recognition to your business, brands or organizations. This medium allows you to form a “community” in which little by little you will have customers capable and in this way you will reach future business.

By creating it you are free to share new updates, stories, events, etc. When a person clicks “I like” to your page, from then on it will start to receive notifications of the new that you publish.

It is necessary that for the page to obtain some recognition, you have to pay various advertisements. And of course, having the clear objectives, as to what is you want to achieve with this page and how it will be a support for for your business.

You must determine the strategies to reach the recognition wanted. However, to obtain good results we must learn how to use, in order to capture the correct objectives and the indicated content.

Use a Facebook Profile for your Business

  • With a Facebook page you can create a means of communication to keep in touch with your customers and know when they will make a purchase. How can you tell that someone is really interested? When they sign up for an informative teleconference, they download some information regarding your product / service, etc.

  • You can strengthen the bond you have with your customers. Even if a person shows interest in what you offer, does not mean that he will be your client for life. That is why you must constantly strengthen that relationship you have with him. The content you publish will be the “anchor” for “Catch them” and that they continue to remind themselves that they are on the correct page.
  • A page of Facebook is an excellent way to interact with people and get leads. But, it depends on what you post to get constant visits. The information must be from quality and has to motivate the customer to buy.
  • Using multimedia (photos, videos and audios) and also using the use of texts, can make your customers download or know necessary information of your business.

Having a page is extremely simple. You just have to go to: wwwfacebook.com/pages/create. Select a type of page, fill in all the requested information and click on “continue”. Carry out all the steps that they indicate to you to the letter. If you want to know more about this topic, enter here.

Did you know? Although anyone can create a Facebook page, only Facebook “Official representatives” they can create pages aimed at their business, organization, brand, etc.

There is the possibility that you want to merge two pages that you have created for your business. You just have to to complete a form that Facebook offers you to carry out this objective. Although this process does not take long, it is necessary be attentive to what they ask to fill in to avoid making a mistake. Take a good look on what you have to do next to merge two Facebook pages.

Steps to Merge Two Facebook Pages

  1. Go to the page: facebook.com/pages/merge.
  2. You have to go to the category that is titled “Duplicate page merge request” and click on “continue”.
  3. To select the page we want to keep, display the menu. This step can only be carried out when you are “administrator”.
  4. In the second drop down menu it appears as “page 1”, choose the page you decided to merge.
  5. You cannot merge two pages if they deal with different topics. You can only put them together when all contents that were discussed are the same. In case they have a physical location, both pages should be the same.
  6. You need to make sure that when you request the “fusion” no one is active Bell directed to this page that you are going to delete.
  7. To finish the procedure, you just have to click on “Send” Y wait for Facebook to accept the request you just made.

When you finish the procedure successfully, these two pages will bring together the following aspects:

  • Likes, visits and publications.
  • Photos, opinions, ratings and it will be the same username.

We must remind you that the page you have kept will not be modified, he is simply will add the aspects mentioned above. Once the merge is done, the other page will be removed. It is important to know that this action cannot be reversed.

If a problem arises?

It is true that problems can arise at the time of the merger, keep in mind the reasons why this happens.

  1. One of the pages was like “commercial manager” and the other does not.
  2. You want to change the name of your page and you couldn’t, so you created another Facebook page and you want to merge the likes.

Problem solution

  • Request access to both Facebook pages.
  • Place the pages as “commercial manager” (business manager).
  • Put a name and category Similary to the business page you want to merge.
  • You have to wait a minimum of 24 hours since both pages are placed as “commercial manager”.
  • You go back to: www.facebook.com/pages/merge/.
  • Wait for the merger to be accepted. This process may take from 24 to 48 hours.

Now you know how to merge two Facebook profilesTo learn more about this social network, enter our topics through this link.