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Facebook allows e-tailers to track user purchases

According to Reuters, Facebook It already has a new tool that allows online retailers to track the purchases that members of the social network have made after seeing their ads.

This is the last tool that Facebook has incorporated new features for advertisers and they try to convince advertisers of the benefits of investing in the company.

Facebook,which has already surpassed the figure of one billion users, is having to face criticism from investors, who are seeing the company’s revenues fall.

“Measuring the effectiveness of advertising and results are two absolutely crucial aspects for any business and trade”, said David Baser, product manager of the unit of

ad business Facebook, who has assured that this tool had been requested for a long time by their clients.

However, Facebook wanted to make it clear that the people who buy the products will not be identified, but that the tool will only tell online retailers how many people have bought their product.

It should be noted that, in recent months, Facebook has been adding new advertising tools in order to attract various groups of advertisers. Moreover, in the words of Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook, the social network believes that there are billions of opportunities for each group of advertisers (brand marketers, local businesses, app developers and e-tailers).

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